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You Don't Know Jack Volume 3 is the seventh installment in the You Don't Know Jack series, and the third general knowledge edition. It was originally released on October 31st, 1997 and is hosted by Cookie Masterson.

Gameplay & Question Types

The game is an overall evolution of the preceding You Don't Know Jack games. It is largely the same as previous entries, but with brand new question types and more variety in the standard Twisted Trivia questions. During the sign-on process, the game will ask you how many people are playing, the names of those playing and how many questions they want to answer - 7 being a short game and 21 being a long game.

Once in the game, players take turns picking categories and then answering questions. Each question is worth a different amount of money: $1000, $2000 or $3000. Players buzz in and then select the answer that they believe is correct. Some questions may ask you to either look or listen carefully to something before answering. Answering a question correctly will reward you with money amount on offer while getting the question wrong will cost you that amount. (During Round 2 - i.e. the second half of the game - all values are doubled.) Once the final round - the Jack Attack - is complete, the final scores are shown and the player with the most money is the winner.

Players have the ability to "Screw Your Neighbor." If a player buzzes in and presses the 'S' key, they can select a player to "screw," thus forcing them to answer the question even if they don't know the answer. However, if the "screwed" player answers the question correctly, then the player that issued the screw ends up losing money instead.

Below is a list of all special question types, the Round 1 values on offer and how to play them.

Dis or Dat ($500)
The player that chose the category plays this question type solo. Dis or Dat tasks the player with choosing between two options (or sometimes both) for a given prompt. For example, is Cirrhosis a Shakespearean play of a disease? Every correct answer awards $500 while every incorrect answer loses $500. If the player doesn't know the answer, they can skip the current prompt and come back to it later - if they have time.
Gibberish Question ($5,000)
Gibberish Questions have a nonsense phrase appear that rhymes with the correct answer. As time goes by, the money on offer will go down and the player will receive hints from the host. The first player to buzz in and type the correct answer will win the remaining amount of money, while those that answer incorrectly will lose the money on offer at the time.
Can You Remember? (Varies)
Cookie needs help remembering something. He is going to describe something, giving hints every so often to help players guess what it is he has forgotten. Once a player knows the answer, they buzz in and type in the answer
Impossible Question! ($20,000)
Standard play, but stupid hard! Get it right to earn HUGE amounts of money!
Three-Way ($1,000)
Always appears as Question 10.
Three words are going to appear on screen and light up in turn. The first player to buzz in on the word that answers the given prompt earns $1,000. But each time you get it wrong, you lose $1,000 instead. And be careful!
Jack Attack ($2,000)
The final round. When you see the correct answer, buzz in to score $2,000. But if you guess wrong, you get cash taken away. And don't forget... REMEMBER THE CLUE!


A German Translation called You Don't Know Jack Vol. 3: 'Abwärts!' was made for well, German Translation. HOWEVER, it was used as a base for The Ride..