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You Don't Know Jack Sports is a sports themed You Don't Know Jack game, making it the first game in the series to be centered on a specific theme and the second to be released overall. It was originally released on September 30th 1996 is hosted by Guy Towers.


The game functions exactly the same as the original You Don't Know Jack; the only difference is that all of the questions are sports themed. Below is the game description of said game.

During the sign-on process, the game will ask you how many people are playing, the names of those playing and how many questions they want to answer - 7 being a short game and 21 being a long game.

Once in the game, players take turns picking categories and then answering questions. Each question is worth a different amount of money: $1000, $2000 or $3000. Players buzz in and then select the answer that they believe is correct (in single-player games, you only need to select an answer). Answering a question correctly will reward you with money amount on offer while getting the question wrong will cost you that amount. Additionally, there is the Gibberish Question category which starts out at $5000, but over time becomes worth less money. Players are shown a nonsense phrase that rhymes with something well known. Players that buzz in and type in the answer that rhymes with the phrase. During Round 2 - i.e. the second half of the game - all values are doubled.

The main charm of You Don't Know Jack - and by extension the series - is the bizarre way in which the questions are asked. For example, instead of asking when a certain event in history took place, it would ask what a celebrity with a name that sounds like a certain event was doing in different years, with the correct answer being the one that contains the year relevant to the namesake event.

An additional feature is the ability to "Screw Your Neighbor." In games with more than one-player, all players are given a 'Screw' at the start of the game which are replenished at the start of Round 2. If a player buzzes in and presses the 'S' key, they can select a player to "screw," thus forcing them to answer the question even if they don't know the answer. However, if the "screwed" player answers the question correctly, then the player that issued the screw ends up losing money instead.

At the end of the game, the final question - known as the Jack Attack - gives players a prompt to which they must match with answers that appear on screen that relate to a clue they were shown at the start of the question. The fastest player to buzz in on the correct answer gets $2000 while those that buzz in on the wrong answer will lose $2000. After this is done a few times, the final scores are shown and the winner is the player with the highest score.