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You Don't Know Jack 2015 is an entry in the You Don’t Know Jack series. It was released as part of the Jackbox Party Pack in 2014. The game supports 1-4 players using mobile devices, as well as (for single-player games) a controller or keyboard.

Features & Question Types

The game functions virtually identical to the previous entry in the series. However, new to the series is the ability to play using a phone or tablet device as your controller through entering a room code. Aside from that, most of the changes are cosmetic or in the form of different round types from previous games.

Each game consists of 11 questions: 5 in round 1, 5 in round 2, and the Jack Attack, which is played differently than the earlier rounds. Players are asked multiple-choice questions, typically relating a pop culture reference to an ordinary trivia question. Players buzz-in by selecting an answer on their device. Each question has a timer of 20 seconds. Players win money for a correct answer, but lose money for a wrong answer. The money at stake is $1 ($2 in round 2) for each hundredth of a second left on the clock when the player buzzed in.

In multiplayer games, every player is given a screw. During a question, a player may choose to "screw" another player by tapping the "Screw" button on their device, which pauses the game clock. The victim will only have 5 seconds to pick an answer, and gains or loses money based on their answer and the time remaining on the game clock (failing to answer counts as wrong). The 'screwer' then loses or gains the same amount of money, respectively. The screwed player's answer is revealed as right or wrong immediately. If it is wrong, the game clock resumes, and all players that have not yet answered may answer with one fewer wrong answer on the board; if it is right, the question ends immediately.

The Jack Attack has been changed slightly, and now no longer replays questions that were passed or not answered correctly the first time. Once the final question is over, the final scores are shown and the player with the most money is the winner.

WTD YDKJ2015.png
Who's the Dummy?
Cookie Masterson's ventriloquist puppet - Billy O'Brien asks a question, but with a speech impediment that makes the question both difficult to read and difficult to understand.
It's The Put The Choices Into Order Then Buzz In And See If You Are Right Question.
Pretty self-explanatory, right? Simply put the given choices in the correct order that's being asked. Since these could be extra tricky, any player that does get it right earns an extra $1000.
Cookie's Fortune Cookie Fortunes with Cookie "Fortune Cookie" Masterson.
Is there anything better than getting a fortune inside of a cookie? No, there really isn't. Anyway, after Cookie eats his fortune cookie and reads his fortune, he'll then ask a question that relates to said fortune. Be sure to make your own fortune with these.
FT YDKJ2015.png
Funky Trash
They say that one mans trash is another mans treasure. In this case, one famous persons trash is good source material for a game show question for you to answer to get treasure. Guess the person whose trash is being raided through and make some money to get your score out of the dumpster.
Kangaroo, Peanut, Albert Einstein, or Uranus?
The sequel to the Facebook/Mobile versions "Elephant, Mustard, Teddy Roosevelt, or Dracula?!" question, the choices in all of these questions with be Kangaroo, Peanut, Albert Einstein, and Uranus. Just be sure to be like Albert Einstein and use that peanut of yours to pick the correct one, or your score will get a nice swift kick into Uranus...kangaroo...
FFWOM YDKJ2015.png
Foggy Facts With Old Man
Yes, the YDKJ staple Old Man is still around. How is he still living? How does he keep breaking into the set? Does he even actually work there? More importantly, what is he trying to remember? Use the hints given by him to figure out what he's trying to think about, and you young whippersnappers will be making some Ben Franklins, who I'm pretty sure was still alive
WAOTG YDKJ2015.png
Wrong Answer of The Game
Continuing their selling out phase from the 2011 game, each of the episodes will have a sponsor. Each sponsor has a "Wrong Answer of the Game" in one of the multiple-choice questions. If you happen to pick the Wrong Answer of the Game, you'll get a special prize and DOUBLE the maximum value of the question ($4000 in Round 1, $8000 in Round 2)! Keep in mind, not any wrong answer can be the Wrong Answer of the Game. It has something to do with the sponsor.
Screw YDKJ2015.png
Screw Your Neighbor!
Think your opponent doesn't know the answer to a question? Screw them! During a multiple-choice question in a multiplayer game, be the first to press the Screw button on your device and force them to answer. In a game with 3 or 4 players, you have to pick who exactly is getting screwed. Just be sure not to stall on the pick or pick yourself, or you wind up losing not only some cash, but your screw as well. Screws only activate if no opponents chose an answer beforehand.
After your opponent gets screwed, they have 5 seconds to pick the correct answer. If they get it wrong, they lose the value of the question, and you EARN that same amount. Plus you have a chance to answer it correctly yourself. On the flip side, if they get it right, they get the money, you LOSE that amount, and no one else gets a chance to answer. Be sure to use the screw wisely as you only get 1 for the whole episode.
DOD YDKJ2015.png
Dis or Dat
One question during Round 1 is the "Dis or Dat" question. In these questions, you'll be given 7 words or phrases. For each, you have to decide if it belongs in one category or another category (and if you're unlucky, if they belong in BOTH). For every correct answer, you earn yourself $300. Every wrong answer takes away $300. You also have 30 seconds to do all of this in. The faster you answer all of them, the more bonus money you earn.
In multiplayer games, the person that's in last place plays the "Dis or Dat". Having said that, the other players can still make some money from it. If you put in a wrong answer and the other players buzzed in before you with the right answer, they STEAL the cash. The more that get it right, the more it gets split between them.
JA YDKJ2015.png
Jack Attack
When you see an answer that's a match, be the first to buzz in and score the cash. But if you guess wrong, you lose money. And keep this in mind... REMEMBER THE CLUE!


Out of the 20 achievements in the Jackbox Party Pack, only 4 are for Jack 2015. Here's a quick rundown of them:

  • Dat'll Do – Simply get 7 out of 7 in a Dis or Dat.
  • Take It From Behind – Go from worst to first during the Jack Attack.
  • Drain the Main Brain – Get all the questions correct in an episode.
  • Winventory – Get all 50 Wrong Answer of the Game prizes.


  • Episode 8: Vegan Cannibal Supply Company is more commonly known as the 'Paul Rudd' episode, because almost every question is in some way about Paul Rudd and that he was allegedly going to feature as a guest host but never appears. At the end of the game, it is revealed that Paul Rudd had in fact NOT been contacted, suggesting that the events that took place were done purely for comedy effect.
    • Interestingly, Paul Rudd is referenced in another famous episode from You Don't Know Jack 2011, where his name appears during the Jack Attack with no context.
  • This game reuses episodes 36-50 from the Ouya game.
  • Question 6's segue may sometimes have different text for the second speech, followed by the rope-bound 6 NOT appearing in the question number itself.
  • The Question 8 segue has a chance to instead read '8cho' instead of '8ight'.
    • In the game files, there is an alternate version of the Question 8 segue that is completely different. It is possible that it was for an early version of the segue.
  • There is a small chance that in Question 9's segue, instead of a shark swimming by, the 4 that got shot in YDKJ 2011 will have it's dead corpse floating by instead.