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You Don't Know Jack 2011 is an entry in the You Don't Know Jack series. This is the first game since You Don't Know Jack Volume 6: The Lost Gold was released 8 years prior. A version of the game for Nintendo DS was available, but is limited to 1 or 2 players, and uses both screens of the system. The DS version can also be played on the Nintendo DSi and Nintendo 3DS and/or 2DS via backwards compatibility. Similarly, the Wii version of the game can also be played on Wii U via backwards compatibility.

Features & Question Types

The 2011 version of the game works just like every other game in the franchise. However, there are some changes made to improve the formula. All players answer simultaneously instead of buzzing in individually. The amount of money earned or lost on a question is now determined based on a timer of 20 seconds; for every 0.01 second left, the player will earn $1 (or lose $1 if they get it wrong). All cash values are doubled in Round 2. The game has also been shorted to just 10 questions, plus the Jack Attack.

The Dis Or Dat question type has been changed so that all players can take part. The player in last place when a Dis Or Dat starts will be given the chance to play the Dis Or Dat directly to earn cash and catch up. If another players answers the question before the main player has picked an answer, they have a chance to earn cash. If the main player picks the wrong option, all players who answered before them will earn money if they guessed correctly - with the $300 on offer being split evenly between them. The faster the main player finishes, the more cash they earn at the end, so they can still profit if they did poorly but answered fast enough. There is now no option to skip, so all choices must be answered in order. Dis Or Dat's now only appear exclusively in Round 1, and there is a Dis Or Dat for every episode.

New to You Don't Know Jack 2011 is the "Wrong Answer of the Game!" At the start of the game, you are going to be shown the episode's sponsor. One of the wrong answers in the game will be loosely themed around this sponsor, and choosing it will give you $4,000 ($8,000 in Round 2). This does not occur in the DS release.

Screwing returns and functions largely the same as it used to, with only minor changes. If a player gets screwed, the 'screwee' only has 5 seconds to answer. If they get it wrong, the player who screwed them will get the cash. However, if they get it right, the 'screwer' will be screwed instead and lose the amount of cash that would have been lost had the screw victim got it wrong. Screws are not restored at the start of Round 2, now.

Along with the above features, there are a bunch of all new rounds. However, all rounds other than the Dis Or Dat and Jack Attack now play by the same rules as Twisted Trivia. The only difference is the set-up. See below for a full list and description of the rounds.

Twisted Trivia

The classic trivia style. Answer bizarre questions with even more bizarre answers. The faster you answer, the more cash you make... or lose!

Twisted Trivia 11.png
Dis or Dat ($300)

You're going to be told seven things, and for each one you need to categorize them into either of the given groups... or both! The faster you finish, the bigger the bonus at the end.

DOD 11.png
Wrong Answer of the Game (New) ($4,000/$8,000)

Find the wrong answer associated with the episode's sponsor to earn big cash.

Sponser 11.png
Choice 11.png
Wrong Answer 11.png
Who's The Dummy? (New)

Introducing Billy O'Brien! Cookie Masterson's ventriloquist puppet asks a question, but with a speech impediment that makes the question both difficult to read and difficult to understand.

Nocturnal Admissions With Cookie Masterson (New)

Cookie had a nightmare last night... again! Listen to his retelling of events and then pick the answer that most closely resembles the dream.

Cookie's Fortune Cookie Fortunes With Cookie "Fortune Cookie" Masterson (New)

Cookie cracks open a fortune cookie and reads his fortune, followed by a question based on the advice he is given.

Fortune Cookie Masterson.png
It's The Put The Choices Into Order Then Buzz In And See if You are Right Question (New)

Pick the order that three given items go in according to a specified order.

Order 11.png
Funky Trash (New)

Cookie is going to search through someone's trash and find what they have thrown out. Based on what he finds... Whose trash does this belong to?

Funky Trashed 11.png
Jack Attack ($4,000)

When you see an answer that's a match, be the first to buzz in and score the cash. But if you guess wrong, you lose money. And keep this in mind... REMEMBER THE CLUE!

Clue 11.png
Answer 11.png


  • Episode 47: Lawn Wax is a famous episode in the series. The episode starts by revealing that the writers went off and had a picnic, having finished only 6 questions. In the panic, all the interns are tasked with finishing the rest of the questions, but it all goes wrong.
  • This installment is famous for being the start of the '4our Lore,' telling the story of "The Fate of Question 4our." During the Question 4 segue in Episode 27: Fat Jim's Weasel Jerky, the leading 4 gets shot and gets replaced by a "f" in later episodes. The funeral for the murdered 4 happens in Episode 32: Rocky's Rodent Rockets.
  • In the Xbox 360 release of the game, achieving certain tasks (ex: play any episode and score over $0) awarded the player's Xbox avatar with unique YDKJ themed apparel, this includes a t-shirt (Classy♂, Trendy♀), short-pants (Fashionable♂, Beautiful♀), a ski mask and a replica dummy. (No IRL merch equivalent has yet been released)
  • In the Nintendo DS version of the game, the beginning video with the Jack head coming towards the screen and the accompanying music is removed. However, in place of this, there are jokes separated with one line being the buildup, and the other, appearing a few seconds later, the punchline. No similar occurrence is in any version of You Don't Know Jack, 2011 or otherwise.