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You Don’t Know Jack Facebook was an online version of You Don’t Know Jack 2011 that featured unique episodes and questions. It is was available through Facebook starting from May 26th 2012 and it was discontinued on March 1st 2015.


Similar to the 2011 version of the game, You Don't Know Jack Facebook played out episodically and functioned virtually identical. However, as the game was played over Facebook, player score and progress was done individually as opposed to all at once. However, progression onto the next question was only possible once everyone answered the question. As a result, screws are not present. Instead, an option to spend 100 Facebook Currency to remove one of the answers was available by clicking on the chicken icon. Each episode only consisted of 5 questions, including the Jack Attack, making it the shortest game in the series. Once everyone had cleared the Jack Attack, the final score for everyone in the game are shown and Cookie will declare your final position.

Features & Question Types

Being a Facebook game, You Don't Know Jack Facebook had a lot of unique features that were not present in other You Don't Know Jack titles. All cash earned in a game was then saved and stored. Earning enough money from playing awarded Facebook Currency which could then be spent in the game shop. Playing games repeatedly unlocked new episodes and eventually unlocked new "sponsors" which brought with them even more episodes.

Players that finished with a negative score were given a chance to earn some money by spinning "The Loser Wheel." They had a chance to win $5,000 instantly just a measly $1... with a very high probability of only making $1. If the player finished an episode with a decent score, the results were then saved and would be used as an analogue for when the player was offline, should one of the players Facebook friends play the same episode at some point. This feature extended to the iOS version.

Below is a list of all special question types:

Dis or Dat
You're going to be told seven things, and for each one you need to categorize them into either of the given groups... or both! The faster you finish, the bigger the bonus at the end.
Gibberish Question
Gibberish Questions have a nonsense phrase appear that rhymes with the correct answer. As time goes by, the money on offer will go down and the player will receive hints from the host. Type in the correct answer to win the remaining amount of money, but answer incorrectly and you will instead lose the money on offer at the time.
Cookie's Fortune Cookie Fortunes with Cookie "Fortune Cookie" Masterson
Cookie cracks open a fortune cookie and reads his fortune, followed by a question based on the advice he is given.
Funky Trash
Cookie is going to search through someone's trash and find what they have thrown out. Based on what he finds... Whose trash does this belong to?
Elephant, Mustard, Teddy Roosevelt, or Dracula?
From a single fact, pick one of the four answers that is tied to that fact.
Jack Attack
The final round. When you see the correct answer, buzz in to score $1,000. But if you guess wrong, you get cash taken away. And don't forget... REMEMBER THE CLUE!