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Word Spud is one of the games released in the Jackbox Party Pack in 2014. The game supports 2 to 8 players.


Word Spud begins by giving one player a simple word, such as "real" or "life". The player must then come up with a fitting or witty word or phrase to follow it, like "world" or "'s a bitch". During this, the other players may type in their own ideas, which will pop up above their icons. Afterwards, the other players vote on the quality of the entry, giving it a check or an X. Every check is worth one point, and every X takes one away. If the entry received a positive score, that word (or the last word if it was a phrase) becomes the prompt for the next player, and the input appears in the background in the writer's color. Otherwise, the next player is given a new word.

The number of turns each player gets per round depends on the number of players:

  • 2 players: 11 turns
  • 3 players: 7 turns
  • 4 players: 6 turns
  • 5 players: 5 turns
  • 6 players: 4 turns
  • 7 or 8 players: 3 turns

At the end, the player with the most points will win the round. The players may then choose to play another, in which case the game will keep track of how many rounds each player has won.


  • Word Spud is the only game to not have a host as a host wouldn't add anything of value to it's incredibly simple and barebones gameplay. It is also the only game to not have any music play during the credits.
  • In the official trailer for “The Jackbox Party Pack 7,” there’s a mug that says “WORD’S BEST SPUD,” with the word spud being on the potato from the logo for “Word Spud.”
  • The game is often ridiculed as the worst game in a Jackbox Party Pack. In turn, Jackbox Games has poked fun at Word Spud in other Party Pack games and even Word Spud's page on their website.
    • In Quiplash XL, Schmitty will react on the prompt "An angry review you'd give this game (Quiplash)" if someone says that it's not as good as Word Spud.
    • In Survive the Internet, Word Spud 2 shows up as both a pop-up ad and a background application.
    • Word Spud is referenced in Push The Button, where the host D.O.D.E. sometimes says "In order to run this test, I've deleted Word Spud from the database."
    • In the lead up to announcing Drawful Animate, Jackbox Games released a series of teaser GIF's on their Twitter account with phrases written on them. The blacked out letters from each post spell out Word Spud Two.
    • According to the website, Word Spud 2 will release in 3145.