Trivia Murder Party 2 is one of the most fun games featured in The Jackbox Party Pack 6. Players are required to answer trivia questions in a fashion more similar to your average trivia game than You Don't Know Jack is, but still with its own unique spin that makes things interesting: If you lose, you're sent to a Killing Room where losing players fight for their life until one remains. Fitting name, huh?

New Game Announcement[edit | edit source]

Trivia Murder Party 2 is a deviously funny Trivia game where getting questions wrong leads to fighting for your life in a variety of strange and challenging mini-games. Trivia Murder Party 2 is the most frequently requested sequel of all the Party Pack games and it’s finally here in Party Pack 6.

In Trivia Murder Party 2, the serial killer host [REDACTED] has moved back into his childhood home, a murder hotel that his family has run (and killed people in) for generations. Like any good (or bad) horror movie sequel the stakes are higher, the surprises are bigger, and the clichés are abundant.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Trivia Murder Party 2 starts off with up to 8 players, all living. They have to answer questions involving trivia.

Questions go from "What is hummus?" to "In which game was Waluigi first introduced?"

There are four choices to use.

If a player answers a question correctly, they will avoid consequences for that round, or possibly assist during the minigames. If a player answers a question wrong, they are sent to the killing room, and must participate in a randomly selected minigame to continue living. If they lose the minigame, they die and become a ghost. However, ghosts are still able to win the game through the final round. If all living players get two questions right in a row (3 in a row for 1-3 player games), they all go to the Killing Room so the host can "teach you a lesson." Occasionally [redacted] will call a single player up to the stage. If that player answers correctly, the others are put on the chopping block. Otherwise... it will be your head on the chopping block.

After playing a minigame on the Killing Room to decide who will survive, all players (even ghosts) will continue answering questions until there is one player left alive or everyone is dead (in which case the player with the most money is revived).

If everyone dies before round 5 (4 in smaller games), the host will rewind the killing room round and let the players redo the entire round. If this happens again, the game ends without a winner.

After 9 questions, [REDACTED] claims that it's "checkout time" but there are too many players alive, then all the remaining players are sent to the Lock & Key death floor, an elimination game where only one player can survive.

In a single-player game, the player must survive 7 questions in order to reach the final round.

Features[edit | edit source]

In the writing and drawing minigames (which are called "Killing Rooms"), players and audience members vote for their favorite response, and the one with the fewest votes dies. In competition minigames, safe players play along if one or two players are in the Killing Room, so make sure to torture your friends!

The audience still has its own score, but it will only be shown once, before the final round. In the final round, the audience runs to the exit along with the players, and may win the game itself. Its starting position will depend on its score in relation to the players'. It moves up to three spaces each question based on the percentage of correct responses.

During the final round, players are scored based on their selected and unselected choices at the end of the timer, which has been reduced to 12 seconds without extended timers. Players can lock in their answers by pressing "submit," to end the timer earlier. Audience members still need to press "submit" in time for their answers to count. Also, once the leading player comes within 2 spaces of escaping, a barrier blocking the exit is revealed requiring all three right answers to a question (including the living player, who now must also play the third choice) to break through and win.

The player doll avatars have been shown on Jackbox Games's twitter, as follows:

  • The Screamer (Shown June 5th)
  • The Jester (Shown June 8th)
  • The Believer (Shown June 12th)
  • The Sheriff (Shown June 15th)
  • The Alpha (Shown June 18th)
  • The Nerd (Shown June 22nd)
  • The Red Herring (Shown June 26th)
  • The Lovers (Shown June 29th)

If a player goes idle, an hourglass will appear next to their name, and the game will treat them like an audience member, by no longer wait for their answers before proceeding, regardless of the time limit.

Minigames[edit | edit source]

Minigames or parts of minigames carried over from the original Trivia Murder Party are labeled with an asterisk (*).

Chalices*[edit | edit source]

A set of as many chalices as there are players (but no less than 4) is shown. All safe players and ghosts choose a chalice to drop a poison pellet in. If any players do not poison a chalice in time, their choice is made for them randomly. If there are no safe players (or in a single-player game), half of the chalices will be poisoned at random.

After all poison pellets have been dropped, each at-risk player chooses a chalice to drink from. Any player that drinks from a poisoned chalice or doesn't make a choice in time will die.

All players that successfully poisoned another player will receive $500 for each player they killed. If multiple players poisoned the same cup that killed players, all poisoning players receive full prizes.

If none of the at-risk players drink from a cup they will be killed and the host will claim the poison pellets were actually dark cherry-flavored. WHOOPS!

Dictation[edit | edit source]

[REDACTED] types out a piece of writing to the players at a relatively fast pace. The text is also displayed on-screen one sentence at a time. (It is also displayed one line at a time on the player's device) Players must type out as much of what the [REDACTED] says as possible. Typing is stopped soon after [REDACTED] finishes reading. Players are scored by the number of words they type correctly. Scores are counted by how many words they typed match the document, meaning the ordering of what players type does not matter. If any at-risk players have less words than one of the safe players, they will die. If no one in 3+ multiplayer games is safe, the player with the fewest words (including all ties) will die.

In single or 2-player games, the players must type a certain percentage of [REDACTED]'s words correctly.

Donations[edit | edit source]

2+ players

For two or three players,

Each at-risk player is given $500, and is asked to give some money to one other player. Players' decisions are revealed only after everyone is done.

If anyone ends up with $800 or more, anyone who donated to that person will die; otherwise, the player with the most money (including all ties) dies.

Players keep whatever money they end up with.

For 4+ players, it is the same except if anyone ends with $1000 or more, all those who donated to said person dies.

Dumb Waiters[edit | edit source]

3+ players

Two elevator doors are shown, and each player chooses one to get into. Players' decisions are revealed only after everyone is done.

If all players pick the same elevator, they all live. Otherwise, the heavier elevator falls, and all players in it die.

If an even number of players are in this killing room, one dummy doll will be placed in the left elevator to prevent a tie. If everyone picks the elevator that doesn't have the dummy, everyone will still live.

Anyone that doesn't pick an elevator dies. Should this happen, and only 2 players left, the minigame is cancelled. Otherwise it plays as normal, and should a tie happen, everyone else lives.

Escape Room[edit | edit source]

(Requires VIP player)

The at-risk player(s) have 45 seconds to escape the room or die. [REDACTED] will ask the controller to pause and resume the game. Due to the fact that having access to the game itself is required, this killing room only occurs if one of the at-risk players is the VIP.

"Pause" & take a deep breath. When you "resume", it will be solved. The players must pause the game and use their device to resume the game. This only occurs once per download of Party Pack 6.

The killing room number is always "???."

Gifts[edit | edit source]

A chest of gifts is presented to the at-risk players. Each player must choose a gift and use whatever item is inside. A gift will be automatically chosen if a player refuses to pick a gift.

Known items include:

  • Money: Player receives $50
  • Grandma's Despair Knife*: Player chooses a finger to cut off. In future questions, the answer slot corresponding to the lost finger (index finger for answer 1, middle for 2, ring for 3, and pinky for 4) will not be available to the player.
    • In rare cases, everyone but the player with the knife has to choose a finger to cut off.
    • If it's the first question after a killing floor occurs and the player with the knife is the only one who gets the question wrong, [REDACTED] will have them chop off another finger, blocking out two possible answers.
    • If the player loses three fingers and gets a question wrong, they have to go to the Killing Room. When the player dies, the effect is removed, and the player gets to choose another player to give the knife to.
    • If the player with the knife survives, then they have to answer a question with post-game hints (the fingers cut off will still be cut off even if it is the right answer) if the player gets it wrong then they are sent to jail.
    • If the player refuses to cut off a finger, the player dies.
  • Mother's Wig: Player puts on the wig. If wearing the wig, [REDACTED] will allow you to get away with one incorrect answer. If everyone but the person with wig gets it right (assuming you didn't get a question wrong after receiving wig) the host will punish everyone else instead.. When this player dies, the effect is removed and the player gets to choose another player to give the wig to.
    • If the player escapes with the wig, they must solve [REDACTED]'s post-game question to survive.
  • Grandpappy Jack's Glasses: Players puts on the glasses. During every question from then on, the contents on the player's device will be messed up in some fashion, similar to You Don’t Know Jack’s screws.
    • When the player dies, the effect is removed, and all living players will go insane they will have tiny googly eyes , meaning they experience the same effects as the glasses player. If the player who escapes is still insane or wearing the glasses, the must solve a post-game question to win, meaning they don't get Supernatural Madness.
  • Father's Hat: Player puts on the hat. When wearing the hat, [REDACTED] will send the person wearing the hat to the killing floor even if player wearing the hat gets the trivia question right. When the player dies, the effect is removed, and they will have to choose another player to wear the hat.
    • If someone wearing the Father’s Hat ends up in the Math minigame, they have to multiply large numbers together. (e.g 472842 x 386034)
    • If the player escapes while wearing the hat, they must solve [REDACTED]'s post-game question to survive. [REDACTED] will refer to any player wearing the hat as his father, and the music played in the credits also changes if they get the question right. Even if it’s cheerful, the lyrics are still kinda disturbing.
  • Auntie Vale's Hand Mirror: (This only appears if there is 2-8 players) The player with mirror can now be possessed, A random ghost will be in the mirror (If no one is dead, the mirror will be empty) and if the ghost in the mirror answers the question before the player with mirror they can block out answers by answering question so the player with mirror can't pick the ghost's answer. If someone dies with it, they pass it to to another player and they are the new ghost in the mirror. It bare similarities to Grandma’s Despair Knife in that one answer will be unavailable to the player, except only if a ghost had picked the answer before the player.
    • In a 3 to 8 player game, if a player escapes having the mirror in hand the player and ghosts will be taken to a hospital room where a lady will ask each player not in the mirror to chip in 50$ from their winnings to prevent the winning player from being possessed. If no one chips in, the player that escapes loses and the person in the mirror wins.
    • In a 2 player round, nothing happens at the end of the game.
  • Uncle Clive's Time Bomb: The bomb’s timer has 20 seconds. The amount of time the player holding it takes to answer a question will be taken away from the bomb’s timer. If the bomb’s timer runs out, the bomb explodes and the player dies. If the player holding the bomb dies before the bomb goes off, it goes to the player in which the dead player fills the will to and keeps the remaining time.
    • If the player escapes while having the bomb, they must defuse the bomb to survive, using strangely worded instructions to cut the correct colored wire.
    • The Mug and the key are unidentified

Only one player will get a special item, and all other players in the killing room will get money.

Greed*[edit | edit source]

3+ players

Players are instructed to take as much money as they please between $0 and $1000, but those with the least and most money taken (including all ties) die. Not submitting an amount counts as $0 and guarantees your death.

High Rollers[edit | edit source]

2+ players

Every at-risk player rolls 3 dice. Whoever rolls the highest (including all ties) dies. Every safe (if any) player gets a die and gives it to the person of their choice to increase their chances of getting a high number and dying.

Lock & Key[edit | edit source]

Requires 2+ players to be alive by the start of question 10

This minigame replaces the Loser Wheel Spinoff from the original Trivia Murder Party. Any players who are still alive by question 10 are locked up in individual glass tanks with slowly rising water. They must choose 1 key from a set of keys and hope that the key will open the tank and save them. Out of a fluctuating number of keys, only one will open the tank of the player who chose it, leaving everyone else to drown. While fairly rare, it is possible to free yourself on the first key.

The number of keys are determined by the number of players. The number of players times three is the equation used to determine amount of keys, so the floor can only go on for a total of three turns.

Should a player refuse to pick a key, the host will give them one of the wrong keys. Should nobody pick a key on the last chance, they'll all be wrong, everyone will drown and the game ends.

Loser Wheel*[edit | edit source]

1 player

The at-risk player simply spins the Loser Wheel, which has 5 times as many "Death" spaces as "Life" spaces. If the wheel stops on a "Death" space, they will die (through the method labeled by the space the player lands on). If the wheel stops on a "Life" space, the player lives. The chances of winning this minigame are slim, but it’s possible. If the player refuses to spin, the host will do it himself.

Math*[edit | edit source]

Every player sent to the killing floor is asked to solve a series of math problems, in the form of multiple-choice addition or subtraction with integers under 20 (negative answers are possible). If they get one incorrect, they are temporarily stunned.

  • If three or more players are in this minigame, the worst score (including all players tied for last) dies.
  • If one or two players are sent to this Killing Floor in a multiplayer game, all players play at the same time, and the at-risk player is killed if any safe player beats their score.
  • If both of the at-risk players beats the safe players and one at-risk player beats the other at-risk player, the other at-risk player does NOT die.
  • In a single or two player game, the player must answer 10, 15, or 20 questions correctly to survive. This number increases further in the game.
  • If someone wearing the Father’s Hat ends up in this minigame, they have to multiply large numbers together. (e.g 472842 x 386034)

Players earn $25 for every math question answered correctly.

Mind Meld[edit | edit source]

Requires 2+ players

A category is shown to the players, such as "One of the first 10 elements on the periodic table". All players write an answer that fits the category. Any at-risk player that writes the same answer as another at-risk player, a safe player, or doesn't answer dies. The game will not accept incorrect answers from any at-risk player, and any incorrect answers from a safe player will be nullified. If a safe player submits the same answer as another safe player, they'll be forced to pick another.

Mirror[edit | edit source]

Requires a safe player

The ghost of Aunt Mildred (an NPC) writes a word on a mirror, demonstrating her consistent style of handwriting for players to remember. Then, she will write another word, but the safe players will also each write one on the mirror at the same time. The writing on the mirror is displayed in real-time. Once writing time is over, the at-risk players must identify and type out the word that Aunt Mildred wrote to survive. If they get it wrong or don't answer, they die. If you‘re a ghost, try not to write immediately and write a word that fits Mildred’s rather ghastly interests.

Password[edit | edit source]

1-2 players

Requires a safe player

Each at-risk player is asked to submit a real 4-letter English word as their password; if they don’t make one, [REDACTED] makes one for them which will either be shown on the screen, or give a hint of what the password is. Sometimes the password will only be visible if closed captioning is on. Then, safe players and ghosts try to guess the passwords before time runs out. If a guess has a letter in the right spot, the letter will be shown to the players. Anyone who has their password guessed in time dies.

Pegs[edit | edit source]

All at-risk players must drop a poker chip of their character into a Plinko-styled box where some slots have skulls on them, symbolizing death for the player who gets their chip in that slot. The death slots are chosen by the players who are safe, and the ones that aren’t chosen will be turned into “safe” spots. If two players choose the same zone, they will both get money if someone’s chip falls into that zone. If there are less than three zones, other random zones will be chosen to make three death zones. All safe slots have cash symbols on them and will give cash if they land in that slot. If a player's chip gets stuck somewhere, [REDACTED] will instantly kill the player regardless of where it was stuck. You will also die if you take too long getting to the bottom.

In single player mode or if no one is safe in a multiplayer game, three of the spaces will be randomly chosen as death zones.

This mini game’s difficulty is largely based on the safe zones‘ locations. If the death zones are closely grouped together, it’s easier to figure out where you should drop your chip. Otherwise, your best bet is randomly dropping your chip and hoping for the best.

Check out the unique music playing in the background as the chips are dropped.

Phones[edit | edit source]

3+ players

Each at-risk player is given a rotary telephone, which they operate on their controller like a real rotary phone. In order to work the rotary phone, put your finger on the number and drag it past the 0. A number of 7-digit phone numbers, all starting with 666, are displayed on-screen; such number is one less than the number of at-risk players, as if you’re playing musical chairs.

Each player must try to dial one of the numbers correctly before the timer runs out. Once a number is dialed successfully, it is removed and cannot be dialed again by another player, and the dialer leaves alive. Any players that fail to dial a valid number in time will die.

Quiplash[edit | edit source]

2 players

Players play a short round of Quiplash. At-risk players are given a prompt to come up with a funny response to. All other players and audience members must vote on which response is better. The at-risk player with the fewest votes will die. If there is a tie, [REDACTED] will randomly decide which one of the two at-risk players dies. Unlike real Quiplash, if 2 players have the same answer, the voting still happens.

Some of the dialogue during this mini game implies that [REDACTED] has kidnapped Schmitty and forced him to record prompts for the game. Schmitty sounds rather disturbed reading his prompts here compared to what he sounds like normally.

Rules[edit | edit source]

Players must solve as many puzzles as they can on their devices. Each puzzle consists of a number of buttons and complex rules specifying which button to press.

If there are 3–8 players and there are 1–2 at-risk players, the at-risk players have to follow more rules than the safe players; each at-risk player who follows more rules than all of the safe players will survive, whereas the at-risk players who fail to follow more rules than the safe players will die.

Players earn $25 for each correct answer.

In a single or 2-player game, they have to follow at least 7 or 10 rules to survive.

Scratch Off[edit | edit source]

Each at-risk player gets a scratch card with 9 spaces in a 3×3 grid on it. Seven contain dollar signs; two contain skulls. They have to scratch at least 3 dollar signs to win. They can keep scratching to get more money. However, if they scratch off even 1 skull, they die and no money is gained. It is also possible to let the timer run out without any consequences after scratching 3 dollar signs, allowing the player to stay alive and disappointing [REDACTED].

The third dollar sign scratched off is worth $300. Every dollar sign scratched off after the third dollar sign is worth $200, making the maximum amount winnable $1100.

Skewers[edit | edit source]

A box with a grid of spaces (3 x 4 in dimension, 4 x 5 when there are 4 or more safe players) is presented to the players. Players at risk must choose a space to hide in. Without seeing the chosen spaces, each safe player and ghost chooses a row or column to run a sword through. Once all choices are made, the swords are inserted, and any players that were impaled by a sword die. The swords will take up to 3 spaces. If you do not pick a spot, the host will choose a spot for you, and said spot will be available for all to see. Some hiding spots are more effective in certain situations than others.

In single player mode or if no one is safe in a multiplayer game, the box will be 3 rows × 4 columns, and [REDACTED] will stab a single sword in a random row or column.

Each player who successfully stabs a player with their sword receives a bonus of $500.

Some spaces are safer than others in the sense that there are less options that has them getting stabbed (Sides, Corners, etc), [REDACTED] even mentions this sometimes while the players hide, saying "Some spots are better than others, but don't overthink it."

Skull Dice[edit | edit source]

2+ players

Requires a safe player

Every at-risk player rolls a dice as many times as they wish, and keeps a running total. Each safe player (if any) has a die as well and every time they roll a skull the at-risk players’ totals goes up by one. First player to go above 21 dies via explosion. If time expires without anyone going over 21, the lowest total (including all ties) dies. The exception is if the lowest value for a tie is exactly 21, in which case [REDACTED] will spare the players involved in that specific tie.

Any safe player who causes any at-risk player's values to exceed 21 receives a bonus of $500.

Tattoos[edit | edit source]

2+ players

Requires a safe player

Each at-risk player draws a new tattoo for [REDACTED]. After the timer runs out, all safe players must vote on which tattoo is the best. The player with the least votes (including all ties) dies. Players who drew nothing will die instantly, ending the killing room. If two or more players are tied for the least amount of votes, the host will randomly decide which at-risk player will die. Please be warned, though, the sounds in the minigame are scarring.

Ways to Die[edit | edit source]

Deaths with * returned from Trivia Murder Party.

  • Nails*
  • Slice Once*
  • Double Slice*
  • Freeze and Shatter
  • Gun
  • Bear Trap
  • No "x" Explosion* (Explode with bomb equipped, busting in "Skull Dice", refusing to answer in "Mind Meld", Taking too long or stuck in "Pegs")
  • Pop''
  • Explode*
  • Drown (Lock & Key)
  • Electrocuted
  • Heart Stops (Post Game Questions)

Live-Action Deaths[edit | edit source]

Deaths that can happen if you're "lucky". Everyone has an exclusive version, and some are funnier than the others.

Final Round[edit | edit source]

In the final round, players run from left to right towards the exit; first to exit wins. The living player gets a head start, starting 14 spaces away from the exit, and the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd highest-scoring ghosts start 3, 2, and 1 spaces, respectively, ahead of everyone else. All other ghosts start at the far-left space, 21 spaces away from the exit. In a single-player game, the player starts 18 spaces away from the exit.

The audience, if enabled, starts somewhere (around 2 spaces up) among the players depending on its score. The audience moves differently compared to all the other players, which varies on their score prior to the final round.

Players are presented with a category and 3 possible answers (only the first 2 of which are playable for the leading player in a multiplayer game), none, some, or all of which may fit the category. Players tap on each answer they think fits and then press submit. If players (not audience members) do not press submit in time, whatever answers are selected as time runs out will be scored. Players will move 1 space for every correct answer (i.e. a selected answer that fits the category, or an unselected answer that doesn't fit). The audience moves up to three spaces each question based on the percentage of correct responses.

If a ghost catches up to (at the same space or ahead of) the living player, they will steal their life force, giving them a chance to escape and win the game. If more than one ghost catches up to the living player, and they are on the same space, then the ghost that is closest to the living player will steal the life force (if they are the same distance apart, the ghost above the living player takes priority), knocking the other players back one space.

After 3-4 categories have been answered, shadows begin to appear from the left, initially taking up 4 spaces (2 in single-player games), then advancing by 2 spaces (3 in singleplayer) each turn. Any player that ends up stuck in the shadows will be eliminated from the game.

Once the leading player comes within 2 spaces of escaping (3 in single-player games), a barrier blocking the exit is revealed requiring all three right answers to a question (including the living player, who now must also play the third choice) to break through and win. The living player always gets first priority to escaping. The audience can also break this barrier if at least 75% of the answers the audience chooses are correct and none of the players have broken the barrier.

The game ends once a player (or the audience) has escaped, or when all players have been taken by the shadows. The living player always goes first and thus has the advantage if multiple players are due to escape on the same question.

In a non-sequel multiplayer game, the first question is for the living player only. In a multiplayer game sequel or a game without tutorials turned on, the starting positions of players are as if the living player made 2 correct choices on the first question in a non-sequel game (i.e. 12 spaces from the exit). This essentially gives ghosts one more question to run away from the shadows.

Endings[edit | edit source]

Normal Ending (7 Variations)[edit | edit source]

If a player gets through the exit with nothing on their hands they escape and live. Afterwards, one of the following will happen (variations with * only happens if you're playing a sequel)

  1. The hotel explodes and catches on fire (It could possibly have a grand reopening banner)
  2. The Hotel explodes, No damage occurs and then it reveals the hotel was made out of cardboard and flops down
  3. The Moon will explode
  4. The hotel will appear black and white and then explode leaving the word "BOOM!" on screen then transfers to black and white hotel on fire
  5. The hotel's extinguished rubble will have fireworks coming out of it*
  6. The hotel's on fire rubble will explode, rebuilding the mansion instantly*
  7. The hotel's extinguished rubble will explode and reignites*

Everybody Dies Ending[edit | edit source]

If all players die too early for the second time, or if all players were consumed by the darkness in the final round, the screen jump-cuts to the credits, but not before an explosion or creepy static. Therefore there are no survivors.

Uncle Clive's Time Bomb Ending[edit | edit source]

If a player gets through the exit with a time bomb, they escape and then they see themselves at a hospital with Officer Trevor who is on the last day of his job, where they have to answer a question to try to defuse it so they can survive, The answers will not be on the screen. They will appear as different colors on device you are playing on. If the surviving player gets it right, the bomb is defused and the player wins. If they get it wrong, the bomb explodes and the player AND Officer Trevor die even though he’s probably in another room, leaving the game without a winner. This could be a throwback to Bomb Corp..

Father's Hat Ending[edit | edit source]

If a player gets through the exit with the Father’s Hat, they escape and then they see themselves at a hospital with [REDACTED], where they have to answer a question so they can survive, If the surviving player gets it right, [REDACTED] forgives his "dad" and lets the player live, but if they get it wrong, [REDACTED] gets mad that you didn't pay enough attention to him and then kills the player, leaving the game without a winner. In this ending, the music played in the credits also changes. This is also an achievement. But listen to the lyrics, since they are pretty gruesome to a point.

Mother's Wig Ending[edit | edit source]

If the player that gets through the exit while wearing Mother's Wig during the chase, he or she will see himself or herself at a hospital with [REDACTED] where they must answer questions to prove to the host that he or she is his mother. If the surviving player gets it right, [REDACTED] feels embarrassed (or impressed/a bit sarcastic that his mom knows the answer) , letting the player live, but if they get it wrong, [REDACTED] feels betrayed that he was fooled by a fake mom and kills the player, leaving the game without a winner.

Grandpappy Jack's Glasses Ending[edit | edit source]

If the player gets through the exit with either Grandpappy Jack's Glasses or the crazy eyes effect during the chase, they will see themselves at a hospital where Doctor Kharhaldah will ask them a question to help them save themselves from insanity. If the surviving player gets it right, the "doctor" will tell them they are cured and then left alive, but if the player gets it wrong, they will be lost to Supernatural Madness. They will still survive and be the winner of the game, just stuck with Supernatural Madness for eternity.

Auntie Vale's Hand Mirror Ending[edit | edit source]

If a player holding Auntie Vale's Hand Mirror escapes the final round, they will see themselves at a hospital where Deborah Sugerbaker (The Exorcist) will reveal that they are being haunted by an "evil spirit" (the dead player who is currently in the mirror). The exorcist will then ask all the other players to chip in $50 to pay for an exorcism of the ghost. If everyone contributes the $50 to the exorcism fund. The glass of the hand mirror will break and the alive player will win the game and be freed from the vengeful ghost that was inside the mirror. If any player fails to contribute, the dead player in the mirror will take over the body of the player with the mirror, and trap the living player inside the mirror, winning the game. If you are living at this point, pray that the ghost in the mirror really likes you.

Grandma Despair's Knife Ending[edit | edit source]

Detective Chambers will confront the escaped player in the hospital, convinced that they are the killer. The player must answer one final question correctly, or get sent to prison (also having the detective die in the background). Any fingers that have been sliced off, and the corresponding answers, will still be removed from play (i.e. if a player has a middle finger sliced off, they will still not be able to select answer choice 2 even if it is the correct answer). Even if the player gets the question wrong they are still alive and still the winner despite being arrested.

Audience[edit | edit source]

The audience plays along with the players and keeps a score for itself. It even has its own doll, which is a multi-headed person.

During a question, the audience answers the current question, and receives up to $1000 depending on the percentage of correct answers.

During a Killing Floor, the audience guesses a player that will die, with an extra option that no one dies (only shown if it is possible that no one dies). It will receive up to $1000 from the percentage of correct guesses. If multiple players die, all those players are considered correct guesses. If no one dies, only the option that no one dies is correct. In killing rooms like Quiplash and Tattoos, the audience will vote for their favorite. Just like the real deal.

If the audience is lucky, they could win a total of $19000 by the final round. 1000 from 9 questions, plus 1000 from 9 killing rooms, and an extra 1000 from the lock and key minigame. After the final round, with some gifts, the audience can participate in an extra question that can earn them an extra 1000, that is a total of $20000. This would only happen if the players go to 9 killing rooms, if 100% of the audience gets everything right, and a gift like the bomb gets to the end. This would most likely never happen, unless the players and audience get very lucky. To increase the chances for this happening, there would only be one audience member, because 100% would be easy.

In the final round, the audience runs to the exit along with the players, and may win the game itself, as described above. They are immune to having their life force stolen by other ghosts. The audience also gets low priority if they're at the end against actual players. For example, if the player(s) and the audience both score enough to break the barrier, even if the audience was pressing its head against the barrier and the players a space behind them, the player to get the answers correct will make it out over them, and in order for the audience to break through the barrier, they need 75% or more correct. So lets hope your audience chums are smart and can break through.

If the audience doesn't escape, the post game screen shows the audience as a ghost with the cause of death "Could not escape in time".

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In the Bomb ending, if you die, it might say "Where was the Bomb Corp?"

There is a Quiplash Minigame, but you would know this if you read this article or played the game.2.


4. If the Alpha dies, the pieces of him that appear after he explodes actually has parts of Gluttony, a doll from the original Trivia Murder Party. I wouldn't really call this a reference because it's just the Jackbox team recycling assets.

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