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The Wheel of Enormous Proportions is the fourth game to be announced for The Jackbox Party Pack 8, having been announced on July 15, 2021.


Burning Questions

The game starts with players asking the Wheel a question. It can be absolutely anything. If a player doesn't input a question in time (or simply the Allow Player Written Responses was turned off), the game will generate a question for them.

Trivia Answering

Every round starts with the players being gifted 2 slices, which will be used later. The Wheel will ask 3 questions, with unique ways of answering. After each question, the players who got the highest scores get a bonus slice, while the player who got the absolute highest score gets 2 slices. If there is an audience, then they can try to guess who will do the best at the question. If the hivemind guesses correctly, they'll get a slice of their own.

  • Regular Question: An array of 12 answers will pop up. Everybody will try to only tap the answers that fit the question/prompt.
  • Counterparts: Players will match one answer to another according to the prompt. The people who match the most win.
  • Please Enumerate: Everyone must use a keypad to submit a number answer to the question. The goal is to get closest to the actual answer.
  • What am I thinking?! The Wheel is thinking of something, and it will give clues to what that something is. The goal is to type the correct answer faster than the others.
  • Don't Forget to Write: Players will try to type as many correct answers as they can, competing to see who can type the most. You can get extra points for writing answers that nobody else has.
  • Subjectively Yours, The Wheel: It's like Don't Forget to Write, except the answers are based on the Wheel's preference.
  • This or That: Two answers will show up at a time. They must guess which answer is correct, determined by the prompt. This is the only type of question where the answers are not shown at the end.

Wheel Spinning

After every trivia round, the players will use the slices they've earned by placing them on the Wheel's face. The spinner will send the Wheel into a spin, and players will get points if it stops on their slice. If more than one person shares a slice, they will split the pot. Every spin will fill up the Spin Meter.

  • Power Slice: The person who does best in the final question of a round (or the person who is randomly selected in a tiebreaker) will earn this slice. If the wheel lands on their slice, they not only get the pot for themselves, but they can also get a bonus. Most of the effects pertain to other the players; scores. Those are the possible bonuses they may get:
    • Choose a Winner: All the players except the Slice Owner get to decide to give the pot to someone else. If they vote for the same player unanimously, then they get the pot. However, if they vote for different players, then the Slice Owner gets the pot instead.
    • Hide and Seek: All players, including the Slice Owner will pick a slice. If any player picks the same slice that the Slice Owner, then everybody except the Slice Owner get the pot equally. But if the Slice Owner picked a slice that no one else picked, then they get the pot instead.
    • Point Swap: The Slice Owner can choose two players to swap points, if they ran out of time, the swapping doesn't occur.
    • Steal Points: The Slice Owner can select any slice selected previously by the players to steal points. The stolen points are fixed, so everybody chips in equally.
    • Duplicate Slice: The Slice Owner can select any slice to duplicate and spread to every side.
    • Rainbow Wheel: The Slice Owner will spin it and it can land on any player to give them +1000.
  • Point Slice: Gives the current spinner the amount of points on the slice.
  • Skull Slice: When landed on, everybody except the spinner will split the pot. The spinner will have to lose points.
  • Audience Slice: If landed on, the current spinner gets the pot. Also, the audience will collectively vote on a way to mess with the players.


The Winner Wheel

When a player gets at least 20,000 points, they are elligible to spin the Winner Wheel. One last nail-biting spin that will decide the game.

  • Name Slices: If the wheel lands on a slice with somebody's name on it, that person will win the game! There can be more than one name on a Winner Wheel. Only people who scored points that spin and have 20,000 points will appear on the Winner Wheel.
  • Skull Slice (Winner Wheel): If this slice is landed on, the game will proceed without anybody winning. The more times the Winner Wheel is spun, the less Skull Slices there will be.

The Wisdom Wheel

The player who wins it all will have their thirsting for answers finally put to rest. One last wheel spin will decide the ultimate answer.

Sequel Gameplay

If a player decides to play again, they can ask the same question or submit a new one. However if they turned off the Allow Player Written Responses, they'll get a new auto-generated question instead regardless if they won or not a previous match.

Credits Song

Look in the sky, about one-thousand miles high

It’s the Wheel of Enormous Proportions
A super deity, taller than the highest tree
It’s the Wheel of Enormous Proportions

Up on a mountain top
Its questions never stop
Hope you’re really good at trivia
And with a spin of its face
Maybe it lands upon your space
Fulfilling all your dreams beyond compare


Round and round the wheel goes
Where it’ll land, no one knows
At any moment, anyone can win
But with the Wheel of E.P.
There’s never any guarantee
It bestows upon you answers that you seek

So travel on high, to the hero in the sky
It’s the Wheel of Enormous Proportions
You’ll get more answers there, than you’ll find most anywhere
With the Wheel of Enormous Proportions
The Wheel of Enormous Proportions
The Wheel of Enormous Proportions


  • It’s Anyone’s Game - Spin the wheel when all players have enough points to win the game
  • Power Slice Hero - Earn the power slice every round in a single game
  • The Big Score - Earn over 10000 points from a single slice
  • True Enlightenment - Have your question answered two games in a row


  • The Wheel, like many of the hosts before it, states little tidbits about itself occasionally during games
    • The Wheel states itself as non binary & post gender.
      • It uses it/it's as it's pronouns.
    • The Wheel is lactose intolerant (implying that it has a digestive system [or something akin to one]), this is also implied when it states that it finds humans tasty.
    • Hands seem to make it squeamish, as audible discomfort is heard whenever it brings them up.
  • The Wheel has been described as "Too sexy" in an official tiktok by Jackbox Games.
  • Do to similarities, the Wheel's design seems to be inspired by Inti, the ancient Incan sun god (yet nothing has been officially stated and this is only speculation).