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The Jackbox Party Pack 4 is the 4th addition to The Jackbox Party Pack series.

GAME TITLE Players Streamable
Fibbage 3 2-8 Yes
Fib your way through all-new question types and the all-newer game mode Fibbage: Enough About You. Guess the weird facts about your fellow players!
Survive the Internet 3-8 Yes
Log on and strap in! It’s survival of the funniest as you playfully take your friends out of context across the World Wide Web.
Monster Seeking Monster 3-7 Yes
A dating-themed game where you send funny messages and try to hide your secret monster powers. Just like real dating!
Bracketeering 3-16 Yes
The deranged debate tournament! “What’s the best vegetable for Benedict Cumberbatch to voice in a movie?” Place smart bets on what will win stupid arguments.
Civic Doodle 3-8 Yes
You’ve been hired to create murals all over Doodle Valley. Compete to see who can make the best additions in your attempt to “beautify” the city.

1. This is the first party pack in which a game is not represented by a game box on the main menu.