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The Jackbox Party Pack 3 is the third title in The Jackbox Party Pack series. It was released on October 18, 2016.

GAME TITLE Players Streamable
Quiplash 2 3-8 Yes
The say-anything party game returns. Come up with "a bad substitute for dental floss" and win! Tired of our weird prompts? Try the new Make Your Own mode!
Trivia Murder Party 1-8 Yes
Be the last to survive a serial killer's absurd trivia game show. But it's fun!
Guesspionage 3-8 Yes
What percentage of people have buried something in the woods? Ridden in the back of a cop car? Have a crush on someone they work with? Guess right and win!
Fakin' It Logo.png
Fakin' It 3-6 No
Everyone gives an answer, but not everyone knows the question. One of your friends has something to hide. Find the faker before it’s too late!
Tee K.O. 3-8 Yes
Draw pictures, write slogans, then swap them around to create your own custom t-shirt warriors. Only the most worthy novelty t-shirt will leave the tournament alive.


  • This is the first party pack to use the current audience cap, which is 10,000.