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The Devils and the Details involves players, as devils, trying to work together to complete a list of mundane chores but able to trick other players into skipping or completing the wrong chores.


You and your party play as a family of devils who have moved out of Hell and live in a human neighborhood. In an effort to blend in with the society around you, you must work together with the others to complete chores around the house. Each task is shown on your devices, and must be completed in a different way. Completing tasks helps raise the Family Score, which must pass a certain threshold, lest the Boss give your family an unsatisfactory grade. At the start of the game, everyone is assigned one of three roles: Parent, Teen, or Child. These roles will determine what tasks one can do during the game.

Standard Tasks

These tasks are usually everyday chores, like mowing the lawn or doing the laundry. You get variable individual points and Family Score for completing them.

Challenge Tasks

Marked with a star, these tasks are required to finish the game. They are all themed around putting together some special event (like Grandma Pazazu's 666th birthday party) and give high individual points and Family Score for completing them. All of them are required for a perfect grade.

Selfish Tasks

Marked with a pitchfork, these tasks usually involve giving into your devilish nature and doing something EVIL. These give high individual points, but no Family Score boost. If too many are done, it can present a Family Emergency that decreases the Family Score.

Finishing the Game

To complete the game, the family has 3 days to complete the given tasks. If the Family Score is too low, the game ends in failure. Every day EXCEPT the Final Day can be retried, so be sharp on that last day. The game also ends early if you complete all of the Challenge Tasks before the week is up, with the game tallying up everyone's points and rewarding the first-place devil with the coveted "World's Bestest Devil" mug.

Audience Play

If a game has more players than the set maximum, the family cat will "consume the souls of the Audience" and if they work together, they can cause chaos for the family with special Cat Tasks. Audience members will be given tasks at random intervals such as vomiting on the bedsheets, scratching up the couch, rolling over so the family can pet your belly, etc. When the Audience completes them, the Devils will get these tasks intermingled with every other. These tasks can be completed for more points as well.

Family Emergencies and The Selfish Meter

If any of the players complete Selfish Tasks, it will fill up a meter that is next to the Family Score labelled "Selfish Meter". The meter will go back down overtime, but only if there are no Selfish Tasks recently completed! If any of the family members complete enough Selfish Tasks to fill the meter all the way up, it occurs to a punishment known as a "Family Emergency!". In this given time, everyone (including the family member that caused the emergency) are forced to do a task to stop the emergency while their score goes down overtime. The tasks are solved by continuously left-clicking (if on PC) or tapping the screen (if on Phone or Tablet) until the bar fills up on the screen and ends the emergency. After the emergency is done and dusted, the Family Score will stop going down and everyone can go back to doing regular tasks.

There are 5 occasions that can happen during the Family Emergency, these include…

  • You're locked out! Break down the door!
  • The Basement's flooding! Bail the water!
  • Termite Infestation! Fumigate them!
  • The Kitchen's on fire! Douse the flames!
  • The power's out! Crank the generator!

Challenge Weeks

Challenge Weeks are the challenges that a human can do, and can be chosen by the VIP player. The letter of Final Evaluation depends on if you ended up with a low or high Family Score.

All Challenge Weeks
Challenge Week Name Description Final evaluation (Failed) Final evaluation (Success)
A Demon for Dinner It's Grandma Pazuzu's 666th birthday, and even though she's a three-headed pain demon who no one likes, the family is throwing her a party. It has come to our attention that Grandma Pazuzu's birthday was a total disaster. Our plants in her nursing home tell us she wouldn't shut up about what a terrible time she had. Just a head's up, don't expect to see any of your names in the will. We were delighted to hear that Grandma Pazuzu's 666th birthday party went off without a hitch. Celebrating the birthday of an annoying relative is a longstanding human tradition, much like office picnics and pretending to like homemade sweaters.
A Fair Exchange An exchange student from Pearly Gates, Iowa is staying with the family for the weekend. Try to make them feel at home, won't you? Tough luck, hosts. We're hearing reports that your student didn't feel enveloped in the love of your family unit at all! May every sip of refreshing iced tea sting with the memory of your failure. Our network of moms has informed us that the student felt welcomed in your abode. Kudos on learning how people should get along, a lesson most of us learned in kindergarten. Oh, and hang on to that iced tea recipe!t
A Rocky Road to Freedom In a misguided show of public health, the town has declared all ice cream illegal. This travesty of justice draws the family into local politics, just in time for the upcoming City Council race. Due to your woeful lack of 'electability,' ice cream remains illegal in this depressing town. Your family is drowning in the bitter taste of defeat and frozen yogurt. Super Tuesday says 'Yes' to sundaes. Ice cream is legal once again and your newfound political power among the humans is the cherry on top.
Appropiately Cool for School The Devils enroll the kids in the town's fancy new school. Can they turn this Montessori into a MONSTERSORI? Everyone embarrassed themselves and no one in this entire school will ever forget it. Ever! According to the PTA, you got through the day and can now identify allegories in literature. Now that's a marketable skill!
Banding Together Like generations of bored families before them, the Devils have decided to form a folk-rock band. It's time to rock and/or roll! Our industry scouts were pretty displeased with your performance. Did you try being good at music? Anyway, good luck with your solo careers. We can't wait to use your CDs as fun kitschy coasters. Looks like this 'Behind the Music' won't be very juicy. Congratulations on navigating the highs and lows of the music industry. We'll see you for the 20-year-reunion money grab. I mean, concert.
Beach Blanket Beelzebub The air conditioning's out and the family is 4000 miles from the nearest coast. So they decide to have an at-home beach day. Can they stay on island time and still knock out the chores? Bad news: Some people just aren't ready for the responsibility of 'finding their beach.' Time to aloe these sunburns, and deal with that infestation of rat-crabs. Fins up, Devils! We heard a rumor that you made it through the day with even tans and chill vibes. You've even inspired your neighbors to make their own at-home ecosystems. Be sure to check out the deciduous forest in Margaret's kitchen!
Cookout and About Summer's here and it's time for a relaxing barbecue with the neighbors. Can the family get through a normal human grillout without inviting the whole neighborhood, or will they be raked over the coals? Our secret grillers heard that your BBQ was overcrowded, sticky, and didn't even provide a decent kebab! Have fun rehabbing your ruined lawn, with a side of salmonella. Our whisper networks report your little outdoor shindig was juicy, flavorful, and neither over nor under-seasoned! When it comes to grilling, this family is well-done. You get the idea.
Cry Uncle Beloved Uncle Gorbo is in town! The only problem is he's known for overstaying his welcome and annoying the heck out of everyone. Can the family entertain their guest without losing their temper? It's hard to tell who had a worse time, you or Uncle Gorbo. He won't be staying with you again anytime soon. And while that may sound nice, you can kiss Aunt Flemm's famous bloodberry pies goodbye. If Uncle Gorbo's online reviews are any indication, he had a wonderful visit in your fair city. And since you managed to put up with him, he's bound to show up again next year. Lucky you.
Devils in Space From the underworld to outer space, the family is going where no devil has gone before when they're chosen to be launched into orbit. Our spies at NASA tell us the launch was a dismal failure. If you'd taken your mission seriously, you might have actually left the atmosphere. We've seen better training in celebrity yoga videos. That's one small step for suburbia, one giant leap for demonkind. And you did it all for your corporate sponsor, Poocho brand dog food! Poocho, the first dog food in space!
Devils Take a Holiday The family has won a luxurious Paris vacation! There's just one catch: They only have a week to prepare for the trip. Paris is so beautiful this time of year. Probably you'll never know because poor planning cost you to miss your flight. We were happy to hear you took Paris by storm. Surviving a vacation with your immediate family is a critical human milestone. Don't forget to bore your neighbors with the slides!
Imp My Ride The family has purchased a brand new car and everyone's in love with it. But can it survive its first week at the Devils residence? A car loses half its value when it's driven off the lot, and all of its value when this family is in charge of it. Thanks to your meticulous maintenance, the new car will be a cherished member of the family for years to come. At least until someone throws up in the back seat.
It's the Trend of the World Dire News! There's a new teen craze called 'gronking' which is an activity so obscene and rebellious we can't even describe it here. In this very special episode, the family must keep the kids from falling prey to this tantalizing trend while still respecting their autonomy. Apparently, you were crushed between a 'gronk' and a hard place. We may have to relocate you to a town that doesn't even know the meaning of the word 'trendy.' Cleveland, here we come! We all learned a valuable lesson this week. Just like real humans, you briefly fell for a popular activity, but quickly learned it was actually stupid. Just remember: Family togetherness is a 'craze' that never goes out of style.
Just Cuz Your Cousin Rompo wrote us and said they wanted to visit you. They've even offered to help with your daily duties! I'm sure rumors of them being a precocious troublemaker are completely unfounded. Cousin Rompo was a bit of a 'clawful,' and we're afraid to say you dropped the ball! The next time a visiting crypted comes to town, we suggest spending more time responding to their unique habits and less time taking blurry photos of them for the album. Rompo had a great time! They have told us your home is a great location for visiting monsters and demons. So get your guestroom ready, because we have a number of trickster spirits who need a place to crash. Literally.
Painful Employment Money makes the world go round, and the family wants more of it. This week, everyone does whatever they can to get a job, get a raise, or luck their way into some cash. There's more to life than money, but you need money to get it. If you can't bring home the bacon, you'll have to rely on the abstract concept of family love to fulfill you. And we all know how disappointing that will be. We were pleased to hear you've made your way into a higher tax bracket. Financial security is key to survival in the human world. But remember, money can't buy happiness. Just kidding. It totally can!
Pass/Flail Report cards are in the mail. Some are good. Some are bad. Can the family survive these academic ups and downs? The family has failed and will have to repeat these social interactions this summer. You can start by writing 'I failed party games' 100 times on the nearest chalkboard. Good grades were rewarded, bad grades were addressed, and all the Devils get an 'A' for 'Adequate Family Dynamics.' But also a real letter grade.
Playing Hooky It's been a long couple of months, so everyone in the family decides to have their own little skip day. Will they enjoy a single moment of privacy for once in their lives? Smooth move, ex-lax. Not only were you caught in the act of shirking your responsibilities, you got sick for REAL from all the stress. Our little birdies told us you appeared, rested, relaxed, and recuperated the day after your mysterious 'illnesses.' WE'RE certainly not suspicious.
Playing the Part The elementary school is putting on a production of 'A Streetcar Named Streetcar #124B.' Will the family be the stars of the show, or will they be forced to 'turn off the dark'? It seems that the dozens of theater critics we sent did NOT care for your 'production.' Because of your little stunt, the drama club was forced to disband completely. Are you happy? They're a FOOTBALL school now! We heard that some 'Bravas' and 'Bravissimas' are in order! The show was a transcedent spectacle of modern theater. Thank you for bringing human entertainment some much-needed class.
Prom Qualms It's time for the Spring Dance! Be there or be shunned for the rest of your high school career. We haven't seen an event go that poorly since the Mask of the Red Death. We hope you enjoyed your car ride home together in silence, because no one will be signing your yearbooks for the next decade. Congratulations on a sock officially hopped. The dance was everything a dance is supposed to be: safe, awkward, a little mischievous, and most of all, sweaty.
Sleepover & Out The family's youngest child is hosting their first sleepover. Can they manage the pure anarchy of 8 children with the cover darkness? This is an overnight challenge, so we'll be back in the morning to see how you did. As the saying goes, 'Hell is four children.' We shouldn't be surprised that hosting eight was more than even the most durable devil could handle. Not only are the other parents suspicious of how sleep-deprived their kids are, they could have sworn they were much 'less possessed by evil' when they dropped them off. We were happy to hear that everyone got a whooping 3 and 1/2 hours of sleep! You created an evening of minor misbehavior, caffeinated blood streams and late night screams. Just like every human sleepover.
Sick and Tired Everyone's home sick with the demon pox, but that doesn't mean the chores stop coming. Can the family keep the house running without running their health into the ground? The extremely attractive doctor we sent to your home has diagnosed your family score as 'terminally crappy.' Antibiotics won't cure whatever's keeping you all from working together. We were pleased to hear of your family's speedy recovery. Working when you're far too sick to work is a baffling but essential aspect of human culture.
Step Up To Bat Bad news! The family has a tiny rodent problem. And by tiny rodent we mean demonic bat. It seems the critter escaped from the underworld and is hidden somewhere in the house. Good luck! It appears this winged vile vermin now lives with you. It will burrow deep into your walls, lowering the resale value of your home, haunting your nightmares, and whispering very personal insults whenever you're alone. Like a bat out of Hades... the bat returns to Hades! We'll forgive you for using a little magic to dispel this cursed critter. From now on, though, we encourage you to deal with pests the normal human way: dropping a large anvil on them.
Stress to Impress The boss is coming over for dinner and a juicy promotion hangs in the balance. The family has to be on their best behavior to get on the bigwig's good side. The word around the water cooler is the boss had a painfully awful visit. The food was bad, and the company was even worse. Start shopping for snowshoes, because you're about to be transferred to the Siberian branch. All reports indicate that the boss thoroughly enjoyed her evening. There just might be a promotion to Vice President of Important Things in your future.
The Bigger Bang While studying astronomy, the youngest member of the house discovers a giant asteroid on a collision course with Earth. Can the family stop it in time, and still get through their daily chores? Well, the Earth was destroyed. Hope you hadn't got to attach! We were mildly pleased to hear that the human realm was not destroyed by an asteroid. The town owes you a great debt, which they're sure to repay with a little book of coupons for local businesses.
The Branch Manager The family has decided to build a treehouse in the backyard. Can they construct an arboreal abode without uprooting their regular routine? Your neighbors have reported a loud crash in the middle of the night. Looks like your new project made like a tree and timbered. In the future, you may want to use stronger building materials than duct tape and minimum effort. Well, it looks like the housing market is definitely RISING! Because you built a house high up. Get it? Anyway, it's a very nice addition to your backyard.
The Case of the Haunted Suburb The neighborhood is in suspense after multiple reports of a ghostly old sea captain haunting the streets at night. It's up to the family to solve this mystery. Mostly because no one else wants to. Not since the final season of Paradise Lost have we seen such an unsatisfying ending to a mystery. We specifically asked if you wanted the talking Cerberus that solves crime, but no, you had to have a cat. We were pleased to read that you ended the phony ghost's reign of terror. The human world has one less cranky old man to deal with.
The 4th Circle of Commitment Love is in the air! Everyone's favorite teenage hellspawn is bringing home their very first significant other. And they're human! It's up to the family to make sure the date goes off without a hitch. We predige you'll continue seeing Riley for a bit, but never again speak of this awkward, awkward night. When you bring out the concept of parents, his eyes will glaze over as he stares into the middle distance. According to our sources, your family wasn't TOO embarrassing for Riley said you were 'Beelze-Beautiful!' A crush who is cute and can pun?! Jackpot!
The Water's Fine The days are getting hotter, so our fire-fueled family tries to cool down via a new backyard pool. Will they have fun in the sun or have a fit in the money pit? It appears that shodig construction and poor social skills had foiled your mission of refreshment. Within minutes, the pool cracks, flooding everything on the 3-block radius. On the bright side, the whole house is now a pool! Refreshment achieved! You're now officially the cool family with a pool. See you everyday for the rest of the summer!
The Whole Nice Yard It's time for the annual neighborhood Lawn-o-Rama. Who will earn regard for their starred yard, and who will be discarded with the marred chard? According to satellite in my jury, your overgrown yard has taken over the entire property. Impressive to biologists, but not to contest judges. Despite some residual vine bruises, the lawn looks great. We're pleased to announced you won the contest, and the grudging respect of your human peers!
Time Makes Ghouls of Us All Time capsules help your future self remember the past by putting your past interests in a tube for the future. This week, the family makes themselves a present they won't get to open for 15 years. It appears you have twice as much garbages before. Holes over your backyard and something you dug up die-decades ago. Not only were we delighted with the time capsule you assembled, but the old one you dug up contained hundreds of shares in Pear Computers! We're rich! We'll send you a 2% finder's fee.
You Oughta Beast in Pictures Hollywood has come to our tiny town. A big budget movie is being shot nearby and the family is determined to get a taste of fame. Unfortunately, your 15 minutes of fame are up. Turns out a family of cartoon devils isn't the viable entertainment property Jackbox Games thought it was. Imagine the excitement downstairs when we saw one of your own plastered across the silver screen. You did remember to insert those subliminal messages we asked for, right?

Theme Intro

They came from down below
To a modest bungalow
Trying to fit in with the herd
Pitchforks in the pool (impropriety!)

Life on Earth is full (of anxiety)
All these human chores are absurd (every day is a blur)

Housework, jobs and school
This daily torture’s cruel
Still each week they jump into the fray
The devils and the details every day!

Theme Credits

They came from down below
To a modest bungalow
Trying to fit in with the herd
Pitchforks in the pool (impropriety!)
Life on earth is full (of anxiety)

All these human chores are absurd (every day is a blur)

Far from the acid and heat
Now they pay taxes and Tweet
Every day they just make ends meet (then repeat)
And now you know this party game's conceit

This family just can’t win
Unless they all pitch in
No rest for the wicked anyway (that’s what they say...)
The devils and the details every day!


  • Pitchfork Perfect – Win the game with an A rating and all challenge tasks completed
  • You're Out of the Family – Most selfish player wins the game
  • Tattletale – Stop 5 selfish actions in one game
  • TGIF – Play on a Friday night


  • The game's name is a pun on the phrase "The devil is in the details."
  • This game appears to be a fleshed-out version of Everybody Help Grandma, an April Fools joke from the previous year, whose title dates back to at least a mock commercial within You Don’t Know Jack 2011, alongside Enough About You and Space Farts (a rejected title for Zeeple Dome).
    • This is evidenced by the similarities in the gameplay (doing cooperative tasks for your family) and the trailers (the scrolling texts are styled exactly the same, and the first trailer for Devils even mentions Everybody Help Grandma by name).
  • In the first trailer for this game, it was joked that it was an April Fools Joke, but had to be included since it was announced on April 2nd.