Tee K.O.


Tee K.O. is one of the games featured in The Jackbox Party Pack 3. It's a drawing game, with the main goal to make the funniest t-shirts using designs and slogans that were drawn and written by the other players.


To begin the first round, each player is asked to draw three t-shirt designs on their device. Unlike most other Jackbox drawing games, there's no exact drawing prompt given (unless the "Suggestion" button is pressed), so players are free to draw anything they wish. After three designs are drawn by everyone playing, the players are then asked to write out t-shirt slogans. Once every player has written at least four slogans, the drawings and slogans are randomly sent out to the other players. Each player has to try and combine the drawings and slogans they were given to create the funniest t-shirt they can.

After all t-shirts are made, each shirt is put up against each other in a gauntlet-style match. Every player must then vote for whichever shirt they like the most. Unlike most Jackbox games, players are able to vote for themselves. Whichever t-shirt gets the most votes wins that round, and moves on to battle against the next shirt. This continues until a winner is decided. There are two winners per round, one for winning the gauntlet and one for having the longest win streak. However, if the gauntlet winner also had the longest win streak, there will be only one winner for that round.

The second round is basically the same as the first, though the players only need to draw one design and write at least two slogans. Unused designs and slogans from the first round will also be recycled and redistributed. The same style gauntlet match repeats with the new shirts, picking two more winners.

The final gauntlet puts the winning t-shirts from the previous rounds against each other to decide who the final winner is. Unlike the previous two rounds, there isn't a win streak winner, and only one t-shirt will remain victorious after this round.


  • The art style for Tee K.O. seems to be inspired by Taiko no Tatsujin, a rhythm game series created by Namco.
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