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Talking Points is the fourth game for The Jackbox Party Pack 7.


In this game, the players take turns reading short speeches with slides that they have not seen in advance. No prep time, no context. If it's a text slide, you read it out loud. If a picture slide, you say what comes to mind. In addition, players will take turns being the Assistant to a Speaker, and choose the slides sent to the speaker. Everyone watching reacts to each of the speeches in real-time with Reactions.

Title Creation

Every player fills their blanked prompts with a key point to talk about. They have three to make and three to pick from.


After picking your title, one player presents (Speaker) and another sends them text and photos (Assistant). The Speaker has to read text they are given, and when they see a photo, they just have to say whatever comes to their minds. Everyone else reacts with Thumbs Ups or Thumbs Downs, and the Speaker gets points based on how many reactions they get.

Presentations are structured as follows: Intro > Text > Photo > Text > Photo > Text > Photo > Closing

If, during a presentation, every player is at the top of the voting pole and spams the upvote button, the voting pole will extend further up, and will allow players to vote further up. The players will also be pulled back down constantly, and the pole will return to normal if people do not continue voting upwards.

After the presentation, the Speaker gets points for the reactions, and the Assistant gets half the points listed. Other players write their comments, and the next speech begins just like before. This goes until every player gives a speech.


After all people present, every player names an award they hand out to the player whose speech they loved the most. These awards give more points to the player in question, and are gifted in an Awards Ceremony.

Free Play Mode

This mode can be selected manually in place of the standard game, but allows the players to have unlimited time to build and present a speech of their own choosing with text, pictures, and other sorts of strange bits.


  • Putting on a Conference - Play 3 consecutive games in a row
  • Name Check - Give a talk with the name of one of the players in the game in the title
  • Good Karma - Give out the most engagements to other players but still win the game
  • Long Winded - Give a talk that lasts over seven minutes


  • This game involves improv-style public speaking and should not be played by anyone who has glossophobia or speech anxiety. If you have either of these, play at your own risk as enjoyment may vary.