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"Ah, this is gonna be fun! And if it's not, it's your fault."

- Schmitty, Quiplash

Josh Schmitstinstein, called Schmitty for short, is a Jackbox host voiced by Phil Ridarelli. He has hosted games of You Don't Know Jack, the Quiplash series and Lie Swatter.


You Don't Know Jack (series)

Schmitty's first appearance is in You Don't Know Jack TV, where he takes over hosting duties from Cookie Masterson in the previous game. He would continue to host games in the series, including The Ride and 5th Dimentia.

Starting with the 2011 version of You Don't Know Jack, Schmitty retires from hosting, but Phil Ridarelli continues to appear as the announcer for the 'Wrong Answer of the Game' sponsors. In Facebook, he also introduces the Loser Wheel if the final score is below $0.

In You Don't Know Jack: Full Stream, Schmitty hosts a post-game radio show called 'You Don't Know Jack: Oldies Radio' that plays past ads from the series.

Lie Swatter

Schmitty is the host of Lie Swatter. Here he reads out trivia facts that players need to correctly identify as being either 'True' or a 'Lie.'

Quiplash (series)

Often regarded as his most recognizable role, Schmitty has hosted all games of Quiplash since the original standalone release. In each installment, Schmitty reads out the prompts that everyone answered before revealing the 'quips.'

In some cases, Schmitty may respond to one of the quips depending on its relevance to the original prompt. For example, if the prompt is "The worst pizza is _____-style pizza" and one of the quips is "New York," Schmitty will try to ward off an angry New Yorker after the voting process.

In Quiplash 3, Schmitty has an additional role where if there is an odd number amount of players, he will go up against someone in the final round. He will appear as any of the 16 avatars that aren't currently being used by a player, with an added beard and moustache.

Trivia Murder Party (series)

Schmitty makes some minor appearances in both Trivia Murder Party games. In the first game, there is a chance that the host's voice filter will turn off and reveal his true voice; one of these voices is Schmitty's. Schmitty is unique in that he has two voice-lines as opposed to the other hosts who have one.

In the second game, he has been abducted by the host and forced to read out Quiplash style prompts for players to respond to in one of the Killing Floor mini-games, albeit with a grim and morbid theme to them. Schmitty can be heard sounding scared and worried as he reads out the prompts.


  • Schmitty makes a random appearance during a question in You Don't Know Jack Offline about the First Amendment of the Constitution. Afterward the correct answer is revealed he says "I love you Cookie" simply because the Constitution says he can. It's not clear whether this was done as a joke or not.
  • Prior to 2011 where Cookie Masterson took over as the host, Schmitty had the longest run of consecutive You Don't Know Jack hosting duties at 4, from Louder! Faster! Funnier! through to Lost Gold.
  • It is possible that Schmitty has anger management issues, as when triggering the Gibberish Question Easter Egg, he often becomes really aggressive and abusive to not just the player, but others around him.
    • In Quiplash, one of the random opening lines Schmitty can say at the beginning of a new game is “Okay, first of all, guys, I want to apologise for the last time, I was in a bad place and I— Oh! Wrong room. Well, anywho.” This suggests that he may have a habit of losing his temper with players, or otherwise getting emotional.
    • In You Don't Know Jack 6 Volume: The “Lost Gold”, Schmitty instead says that “the old Schmitty would have let that bother him” before reducing the player's score. This might suggest that he did something about his anger.
  • In the original Quiplash, one of the prompts is “The world’s most boring video game”. If a player responds with “Quiplash”, Schmitty will go on a lengthy rant of abusing the player that input the response.
    • In Quiplash 3, one of the prompts is “A game you only play when you’re really really really really bored”. If a player responds with “Quiplash”, Schmitty’s rant will be less angry and long-winded. He concludes with a passive-aggressive “You’re welcome.”
  • In Party Pack 8, an achievement can be unlocked playing Weapons Drawn by naming a party guest Schmitty and murdering them.