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"Death has never been so fun!"

- [REDACTED], Trivia Murder Party official trailer

The untitled host of the Trivia Murder Party series, more commonly known as [REDACTED] or 'TMP host,' is one of the Jackbox hosts introduced in The Jackbox Party Pack 3. He speaks through a voice filter to mask his real identity, although the voice itself is provided by Spencer Ham.

NOTE: Throughout this page, the host will be referred to as [REDACTED].


[REDACTED] is one of the few Jackbox hosts to have a history prior to hosting Trivia Murder Party. 20 years prior to Trivia Murder Party 2, [REDACTED] used to live in a 'murder hotel' which his family used to own and operate - as well as murder people from. After the hotel was closed down and the family disappeared, [REDACTED] started kidnapping people and forcing them to play his twisted trivia game with the incredibly high possibility of death. In Trivia Murder Party 2, he returned to his family home and reopened it to recommence his murder spree.

[REDACTED] is known to have a family consisting of a sister, brother, mother, father, grandmother, grandpappy Jack, aunt Mildred, auntie Vale, uncle Clive, crazy cousin Donna and cousin Aloysius - albeit a complicated relationship with most of them. Items relevant to six of these family members will appear on the "GIFTS" Killing Floor and can be given to the player at random. The others are mentioned in questions. Aunt Mildred is mentioned on the "MIRROR" Killing Floor while cousin Aloysius is also mentioned on the "SKEWERS" Killing Floor.


[REDACTED] has appeared primarily in the Trivia Murder Party series. In each game, he kidnaps players and forces them to play a game of trivia. However, if players get a question wrong he then forces those players into a Killing Floor mini-game, threatening to murder them if they perform badly - a threat that he will always follow up on. In the final round, he states that only one player can escape... IF they escape before the encroaching darkness overcomes them.


  • [REDACTED] hijacked a Halloween stream on the official Jackbox Games YouTube account in 2016. The full VOD of the stream can be viewed here. His face is never shown, and we only ever see his legs.
  • [REDACTED] makes a few cameos in You Don't Know Jack: Full Stream.
    • There is a chance for him to appear during the intro sequence with Cookie Masterson. It is mentioned that [REDACTED] is shadowing Cookie, but never gave him his name.
    • If a player gets a game with a question about 'serial killer hangman', [REDACTED] will appear in a post-game bonus content sequence as the writer of the question. In this seqeuence, he does not have his voice filter on but his name is still bleeped out.
    • In the end credits, [REDACTED] is listed as the 'Producer for Binjpipe.'
  • During Trivia Murder Party, there is a rare chance that [REDACTED]'s voice filter will turn off, revealing his true identity. However, it can end up being one of 4 possible voices: his actual voice actor, Spencer Ham, and three of the other hosts from The Jackbox Party Pack 3 - Adal Rifai, the Guesspionage host; Cookie Masterson who hosts Fakin' It; and Schmitty who hosts Quiplash 2.
    • This leaves only The Tournament Master from Tee K.O. as the only host in The Jackbox Party Pack 3 to not be revealed as the voice of [REDACTED].
    • Interestingly, Schmitty ended up having two voice reveal lines, whereas the other hosts have just one.
    • Pitching the voice up when the voice filter goes back on reveals to be Spencer Ham playing all parts.
  • In Trivia Murder Party 2, [REDACTED] kidnapped Schmitty and forced him to read out spooky and sometimes unsettling prompts as part of a Quiplash themed Killing Floor mini-game.