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Mayonnaise is a character in the Jackbox Party Packs voiced by Tim Sniffen. He was originally revealed to be one of Cookie Masterson's cats in the You Don't Know Jack series, but has since become his own character and host in Split the Room.


You Don't Know Jack (series)

Mayonnaise was one of Cookie Masterson's two pet cats, only being mentioned in certain moments. One example was YDKJ 2011's Nocturnal Admissions with Cookie Masterson, where Poopsie and Mayonnaise appear in the backgrounds of certain questions.

Split the Room

Mayonnaise is the host of the game, being an anthropomorphic (and animated) grey-furred cat who presents the prompts in a style similar to The Twilight Zone. As players play, they may notice Mayonnaise's head morphing into things or changing styles while others are writing answers. As revealed by the credits, he was able to put it all together using some well-made props and video editing.

Joke Boat

Mayonnaise appears as one of the eight playable dummies in Joke Boat, taking up player 5.


  • Mayonnaise was originally planned to be named Clyde in Split the Room.
    • However, the Steam Points Shop emoticon for Mayonnaise is named :CLYDE: