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Mad Verse City is one of the most savage rap games ever, part of the The Jackbox Party Pack 5. It follows a format similar to Mad Libs, where players both fill in blanks and write full lines of their own to create a four-line rap verse.

The game takes place in an alternate universe version of the 90's, in which robots took over Earth with one goal in mind: "To set the city ablaze with their best raps."


Mad Verse City begins with each player given a fill-in-the-blank, with the only instruction being to fill it in with some sort of category or part of speech, such as a noun, adjective, famous celebrity, type of food, and so on. The player won't see the full line until they fill in the blank. Once the full line is created, the player must then create a second line that rhymes with it. This cycle continues again to create a four-line verse.

All of the rap verses created are then put up against each other in the style of a rap battle. Two players will be chosen to rap, and the raps that they wrote will actually be said by the robots in a text to speech style. The other players can cheer, or boo, the verses created, and then vote on which they thought was the best. Both players gain in-game cash, this game's point system, no matter who wins (Unless one of the players gets no votes at all), and bonuses are rewarded for whoever got the most cheers during the battle itself. This cycle continues for three rounds. The winner of the rap battle is decided by whoever wins the most cash. The final winner is decided after the third and final round, with the winner being whoever gained the most cash when their earnings from all three rounds are added up.

Because this game relies on having an even number of players, an AI player will be added to the mix if there is an odd number of players in the game at that moment.


  • Millionaire – Make a million dollars in one game
  • Raise the Roof – Fill the cheer meter all the way up
  • Beat Gene – Beat Gene in an odd player game
  • Destroy Jackbox – Destroy the Jackbox Games building


  • Mad Verse City is one of the two games in The Jackbox Party Pack 5 to include the character Gene, an AI character introduced in Survive the Internet. The other game featuring Gene in the 5th party pack is Patently Stupid Game.
  • Mad Verse City is a reference to the rap album Good Kid M.a.a.d City by Kendrick Lamar
  • Shadow Master MC and DJ Raych are real people, since they are Simeon Norfleet and Rachel "Raych" Jackson's real stage names respectively.
  • One of the buildings that can be destroyed by the audience are the Guy Towers, a reference to the YDKJ host of the same name. He hosts YDKJ: Sports and part of YDKJ Vol. 4: The Ride.
  • In the beginning of the game, you can see a message written on a wall that said "Cookie was Here", a reference to Cookie Masterson, the host of You Don't Know Jack.
    • "Cookie Was Here" also appears in the Jackbox Party Pack 6 soundtrack album cover, below the toilet paper dispenser and next to the Drawful host.