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Joke Boat is the third game in The Jackbox Party Pack 6.


You're an amateur ventriloquist on a cruise ship trying to make the best stand-up routine. Similar to creating t-shirt designs and writing slogans in Tee K.O., the plays come up with a setup to a joke, but don't create the punchline.

In round 1, all players write stand-up jokes. As an example, let's make the joke's subject Cookie Masterson. The player is given a prompt, such as "My sex life is like…" So using our example of Cookie, we can say "My sex life is like Cookie Masterson: got a lot done in the 2000s, but not up to much today." The player also write a catchphrase (e.g.: "That's a spicy baby!", "Who ordered depression?", "Cry me a rock quarry!") Other players write similar jokes and catchphrases.

In the final round, the boat sinks after hitting a rubber duck. The players recycle previous jokes and vote on whether or not the recycled joke is better than the original. Whoever wins gets a life preserver from Captain Chuck Hull, while the rest drown in failure.


  • The cat host (Mayonnaise) from Split the Room is one of the dummies. This cameo is probably due to artist Owen Watson being the main artist for both titles.
  • One puppet resembles Cookie Masterson's dummy, Billy O'Brien, from You Don't Know Jack 2011, Monster Seeking Monster, and YDKJ: Full Stream.
  • Gene from Survive the Internet (the arguable mascot of the game) is one of the dummies.
  • There are two puppets that are references to characters from Monster Seeking Monster, one being the Ventriloquist Puppet (previously mentioned Billy O'Brien), and the other being one of the possible disguise statues.
  • The boat is called the “Sea Minus”, which is a pun on C-
  • During one of captain Chuck's logs, he says :I'm pretty sure I just saw a dolphin spy" which is a reference to Guesspionage.


  • Killed It – Win every matchup
  • So Brave – Elect to perform every joke
  • Giant Slayer – Beat a joke that previously received unanimous votes in a 5-8 player game
  • Punching Down – Compete against a joke that previously received zero points