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Fibbage 3 is a game in The Jackbox Party Pack 4.

Unlike the other two entries, 3 has a 60's/70's-inspired aesthetic. Audience vote on a lie that will be used as a choice, along with the players' lies. For the first time the "likes" now provide points with 5 - 15 points depending on the round.


Rounds 1 and 2

Just like the games before it, every player is given a trivia tidbit with a portion of it blanked out. The players must fill in that blank with something to fool the others. After this is done, every lie will be clumped in with the answer and every player must try to guess the truth. They are awarded 500 points for fooling other players and 1000 points for finding the truth. Audience members can vote on a lie to fill the blank, then can try to guess the truth. The audience collectively gives out 500 points in a round, which is dished out based on what percentage of the audience picked a given lie. Round 2 doubles the points.

Throughout both rounds, players will take turns picking the categories.

Special Questions

There is a chance you can get a special Fibbage category instead of picking one.

  • Time to Look at This: The category will feature a question that is showcasing a diagram that was invented by someone.
  • Celebrity Social Media: The category will feature a question about a certain message sent by a famous celebrity.
  • Russian Category ("Game of Lies" in Russian): The category will feature a question about a phrase in Russian.

Round 3 - Final Fibbage

Round 3 has a single prompt rather than one chosen by the players. Unlike the prompts from the previous rounds, this round has two blanks. Players are awarded 1500 points for fooling others and 3000 points for finding the truth.

Fibbage: Enough About You

Fibbage: Enough About You is a secondary mode in Fibbage 3 which gets its name from a list of game ideas mentioned by the director at Jackbox Games (then Jellyvision) during YDKJ 2011. It retains the same art style and base gameplay.

Round 1

The first round begins with each player truthfully answering one question. Each question is then posed to the other players, who make up lies and find the truth as usual. Scoring is the same in this round, with the addition of a 1000-point reputation bonus awarded to the question's subject for every person that finds the truth.

Round 2

The second round has every player write one truth and one lie about themselves. Each pair is then offered to the other players. The subject will receive 250 points for every player they fool, while those that find the truth are awarded 500 points.

Credits Song

Fibbage 3, Fibbage 3
I lie to you, you lie to me
While I try to figure out what to write my answer carefully
Silly me, Fibbage 3.

Fibbage 3, Fibbage 3
Trivia potpourri
While at times I fool the others, but your answers baffle me
Can't you see, Fibbage 3.

Fibbage 3, mon cheri
Let's agree to disagree
I will always love your questions and your witty repartee
Fibbage 3, Fibbage 3
Fibbage 3, mon ami
C'est la vie, Fibbage 3


  • Crowd Teaser – Audience fools a player
  • Doubly Impressive – Write a lie that's actually the truth in the final round of Fibbage 3
  • Open Book – All players pick the truth in a 5+ player game of Enough About You (non final round)
  • Would You Believe? – Fool 7 players in the final round of Enough About You