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Earwax is one of the games featured in The Jackbox Party Pack 2.

Game Mechanic

The game plays out in a similar manner to Cards Against Humanity, except you answer with sound effects instead of words/phrases. During each round, a player is randomly selected as a Judge (the same player will not be selected as Judge a second time until all players have been selected once). The Judge for the round gets to pick a prompt for all other players to use.

Each non-judge player is then given a random list of six sound effects to use. They must pick 2 of these sound effects that they feel would best suit the prompt. Crucially, the players do not get to preview the sound effects, so they must make a choice based solely on the name of each sound effect. Once all players have submitted their choices (or after time has run out), each player's sound combos are played in turn, with the creators name left hidden to prevent bias.

After all sounds are played, the Judge has a limited amount of time to decide which is their favourite. During this time, they have the option to replay any of the combos. Other players and members of the audience are allowed to vote on their favourite as well, but the final winner for the round is decided by the Judge. Whichever combo the Judge selects as their favourite wins the round and gains 1 point and a new round begins with a newly appointed Judge.

The game continues until 1 player reaches 3 points and is crowned the winner.


  • Aural Surgeon – Win the game and win the most likes
  • Bodily Malfunction – Go an entire game without using any bodily function SFX
  • Sound Body – Win a round using two bodily function SFX
  • Yada Yada – Win a round with two voice SFX