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Drawful is a series of drawing games created by Jackbox Games. The name plays on the words "draw" and "awful", which implies that the game will get crazy and the drawings will be bizarre. Players must draw an image for a strange prompt they are given, while also trying to guess what everyone else drew.

Game rules

The game follows a basic structure of players receiving prompts and having to draw said prompt on their devices. All players will then see the other players' drawings in turn and come up with a fake answer for that drawing. Afterwards, players then need to guess what the actual drawing is from the answers on screen. If they guess the correct prompt, both the player that drew the prompt and those that guessed it get points. If a player-suggested answer is chosen, only the person who wrote it will get points.

Depending on the number of players, the number of rounds will change. There is also no "Final Round," so after all drawings have been seen, the player with the highest score is crowned the winner.

The game draws many similarities with Fibbage, in that players come up with a fake response and then need to find the correct one. Also similar to Fibbage is the 'thumbs up' system, where after choosing what you think is the original prompt, you can then select your favorite responses.


Drawful 2

  • The game has the support of the audience.
  • The game supports drawing with two colors.
  • The game has a “Make Your Own” mode.
  • Added the “Manual Censoring” mode.

A free update was released on May 6, 2020, which includes full localization of French, Italian, German and Spanish! This update is only available for Steam. Also in this update, was added:

  • Closed captioning.
  • Content moderation.
  • Text filtering.

Drawful Animate

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  • Players can draw with 3 different colors.
  • The singular drawings are replaced with two-frame animations.
  • You can also now boost your score by doubling down on a guess. Be careful, though, because if you guess incorrectly, you’re giving another player twice the points.
  • A "friend mode" which has all of the prompts personalized.
  • A "featured content" option, where you can play timely or thematic custom games with prompts made by Jackbox.
  • New things for the audience to mess around with while players are drawing/writing.
  • An "infinity timers" option that removes the timer completely.

Franchise Games

Below is a list of all the games of the Drawful franchise:

Drawful is second game in The Jackbox Party Pack.
Drawful 2
Drawful 2 is a stand-alone title, released on Steam on June 21, 2016.
Drawful Animate Logo.png
Drawful Animate
Drawful Animate is the third game announced in The Jackbox Party Pack 8.

Credits Song

Drawful Animate, it’s art on overdrive

Once you start to play, your drawings come alive
Try to fool your friends, the party never ends
The only limits: those you put on yourself!

Drawful Animate, is a game that’ll make you move
Swipe your finger ‘round and soon it’ll start to groove
Draw the first frame, then another (not the same)
That’s called animation, look at you go!

Drawful Animate, it’s kinetic levity
Just like cartoons that you might see on the TV
You don’t have to be, an artist with degrees
All you need’s a digit and an idea

Drawful Animate, well there’s not much left to say
Call up all your friends and then everyone can play
Jackbox dot TV, is the place you’ve gotta be
Don’t just stand there, why not start a game now?



  • Goodfinger – Draw something that everyone guesses correctly
  • Show Me The Monet – Win a game by more than 3000 points
  • Schmuck of the Draw – Fool every other player with your title of another player's drawing
  • "Art" Connoisseur – Guess every drawing correctly in a game

Drawful 2

  • Fool House – Fool every other player with a title you write.
  • We Like to Watch – Play with 10 or more Audience Members.
  • Threestyle – Get a streak of 3.
  • The Student Becomes the Writer – Play a game with User Generated Content
  • It's a Secret – Enter secret title in game.
  • It’s Better to Be Liked – Get more than 50 likes in a game
  • Wait, Why Are We Rewarding This? – Choose a decoy answer
  • Drawn Out – Play 50 games
  • Multiple Strokes – Enter a drawing with more than 50 lines
  • Happy Birthday Two Hues – Use both colors in a drawing. It’s easy!

Drawful Animate

  • Fool Me Three Times – Fool the same player three times in a game
  • Palette Cleanser – Use all three colors in an animation
  • Proof of Friends – Play Friend Mode
  • “Accomplishment” – Use the word “accomplishment” in a title


  • A running joke with the series is Jackbox Games' reluctance to add an eraser feature. This joke has been carried over into other drawing games in The Jackbox Party Pack series.
  • The owl's cannon name is simply known as Sexy Owl.