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Civic Doodle is a creative game, where you can make the craziest art, in The Jackbox Party Pack 4.

Every round starts with a new piece of art that is very minimalistic, and players keep adding, and at the end, everyone decides on a title for that piece. Depending on the player count, there are 2 or 3 rounds.


The first (and sometimes an added second) round start with a small scribble on the screen. Two players are randomly selected to add onto the scribble. Players and audience members will then vote for which artwork they like more. The winner's drawing is the piece of art the next two players will add onto, and so on. There is also a feature where players can press emotes on their screen as a way to judge the drawings. Audience members can do this too, but only once every section of the round. The mayor will randomly select an emote, and whoever has more of a given emotes receives 10 points.

After a drawing is deemed as complete, players get to brainstorm a name for it. The names are then voted on.

The last round works a little different. A set thing to draw is given before the round starts, which can be a person, an alien, a dog, or other things. Everyone gets to draw at the same time, but in stages. A certain things is asked to be drawn. Once that is complete, a vote takes place. The winning drawing is now handed out to everyone, and a new feature has to be drawn. This happens a total of 4 times. After the end of that round, the game finishes.


  • Popular Vote – Get all player votes and 90% of audience votes in a single matchup (5+ player game)
  • Design by Committee – Each part of the final round portrait comes from a different player
  • Civic Doodie – Draw something that gets 100 poop emojis
  • Reelection – Get both of your additions accepted in a single round (non final round)


  • The map of Doodle Valley is based off of Woodstock, Illinois.