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Champ'd Up is a drawing game in The Jackbox Party Pack 7.


This game is centered around drawing "champions" to "fight" against each other in a similar venture to Tee K.O.. Players create two characters: a Champion and a Challenger. Champion's are created from a known title, e.g. 'The Champion of Cowards', while the Challenger - also known as the Underdog - is made from knowing only who they're up against and not the title. From there, the characters will face off against each other, and everyone decides which of the two characters better fits the title.

The game is played over two rounds. The first round follows the above structure of creating characters and voting. After voting is complete, the characters are given money based on the percentage of the votes they received; Underdog's will receive a 10% bonus regardless of whether they win or lose, so in the event of a tie the Underdog will win. The winning character is awarded additional money, and the cycle repeats until all 'Champions' are elected.

The second and final round plays similar at first, but after the initial voting process a second Surprise Contest will take place. An all new title is shown, and players are given the option to tag in one of their previous fighters (in successive games, fighters carry over and can be tagged in again). The votes from both matches are cumulative, so the player with the most votes after both contests will be the winner. Players that don't tag in a character will earn more money if they win the bout.

After Round 2 is complete, the final totals are shown and the player with the most money wins.

Champ'd UP: Slamdown

As of a recent addition, players can now buy trading cards of their drawn champs to use in a special card game. Alongside this, the names of the Trainers have been revealed through the Trainer cards.

  • Rue (Rooster)
  • Sloane (Traffic Cone)
  • Rosie (Flower)
  • Raph (Giraffe)
  • Corey (Apple)
  • Brice (Ice Water)
  • River (Fish)
  • Treena (Tree)
  • Toni (Phone)
  • Shelley (Nesting Doll)

Credits Song

Champ'd Up! x4

It’s time, you’re the fav’rite
Crowd cheers, they can feel it
Drums pound, like a heartbeat
Let’s go, time to compete
Swish-slash, now you’re drawing
Ding-Ding! Time for brawling
Who will be the GOAT?
It depends on the vote!

Enter the stadium
Who is your challenger?
Soon when the battle starts
Will you have what it takes?

Champ'd up! Champ'd up!
Draw your champion and enter the ring
Champ'd Up! Champ'd Up!
Which one will win, it’s a sight to be seen!

Champ'd Up! x7

Round 2, stakes are higher

Battles, are on fire
You’re next, head-to-head
Last chance, get ahead
Tag out! Swap your player
Strategy, adds a layer
Will you stick the landing?
Be the last one standing?

Look to the swaying crowd
Their chants are growing loud
When all the votes are in
Will you have scored a win?

Champ'd up! Champ'd up!
So many battles and so much fun
Champ'd Up! Champ'd Up!
Are you a loser or a champion?

Champ'd up! Champ'd up!
Champ'd up! Champ'd up!
You and your finger can be number one!

Champ'd Up! x7

Champ'd up, yeah!


  • The Usurper – You win a match as the underdog
  • The Comeback Kid – You win a second half match using a character that lost in the first half
  • The People’s Champ – You lose the room vote but win over 80% of the audience vote
  • The Halftime Speech – You were in last place at halftime, but end up winning the game


  • In a livestream to give everyone an early look at the game, the developers said that the host is thought of like Cookie Masterson's brother. This is because the host of the game, voiced by Tom Gottlieb, sounds similar to Cookie, who Gottlieb also voices.
  • The trainer with a flower head, Rosie, is a reference to the player icons in Fibbage 3.
  • If a player draws nothing or their answer is censored, it will show as a picture of Gene and they will instantly lose.