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Bracketeering is one of the games featured in The Jackbox Party Pack 4


For the first round, each player will be given a prompt (Example: "Best Grandma Name") and will answer it with an answer they see fit. Each answer will then be put into a bracket-style tournament where people vote for their favorite answers. AlI answers will be put in if either too few players are playing or there is an odd number of players.

In round 2, the answers are put in mostly blindly, using a false prompt, but similar to the real one, for players to work off of. For example, the first prompt may be something like "Best Kitchen Tool," but may later change to "Best Thing to Kill a Goblin with" after each answer has been put in.

In round 3, the prompt changes after every bracket ends.

Before each round begins, players are put around a "prediction table" to bet on which answer will win each bracket. If the player guesses correctly, they earn some coins. The player who has the most coins by the end of the game, whether from the bracket itself or from the prediction table, is the winner.


  • Clean Sweep - Win a bracket with an answer that gets 100% of the votes each round
  • Cinderella Story - Win a bracket with an answer that everyone predicted would lose each round
  • Button Masher - Win a 4-way tied overtime match up
  • Split Decision - Have a match up go to overtime with an audience playing along


  • The shark bracketeer is based off of the Predatory Loans mascot from Bidiots.
  • Bracketeering has the highest player capacity out of all of the Party Pack games, being able to have 16 players at once.