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Bomb Corp. is one of the games featured in The Jackbox Party Pack 2. It is a single-player/co-operative game where players work together to perform tasks, with the punishment for doing it wrong that everything will explode.


Bomb Corp. is a game of deciphering instructions to figure out the correct method of performing a given task - usually defusing bombs. Depending on the number of players, everyone in given a different set of instructions to narrow down what exactly needs to be done. The instructions, however, usually contradict one another and it is up to the players to work out which rules needs to be followed and which ones need to be ignored.

There are 4 types of tasks that can be performed: defusing bombs, sorting files, fixing the copier and making coffee. Each one has their own rules for how they work and therefore different ways in which you can fail. There are 2 ways to play: The Job - this games version of Story Mode - is the standard way to play, where you do tasks one at a time and go through a day at work. The Grind is where you go immediately and just defuse bomb after bomb and go for the highest score.

Note that, regardless of which mode you play, how you defuse the bombs will always be randomized, so you cannot rely on memory to get through the game.

Story Mode (The Job)

In The Job, players have to go through 15 days of work without blowing up.
NOTE: The story below will be explain as if there are multiple people playing.

Day 1 - Monday

The game starts with the players arriving as the new interns. Their boss, Greg, teaches them the basics of the game by giving them instructions for smashing a specific item on their desk. In this, it will always end up being the photo of a man named Trevor whom Greg died shortly before the players were hired.

Afterwards, Greg will ask the players to defuse an actual bomb. Upon defusing it, they will have to defuse another one. After work break, one of the players' co-workers - Linda - will arrive and tasks the players to defuse three bombs in a row. Once all three bombs are defused, Greg will return and congratulate them for having a great first day.

Day 2 - Tuesday

On Tuesday, Greg congratulates the players for returning, though mainly because the last person - i.e. Trevor - died on his first day. Happy that the players know the ropes, he gives them a bomb to defuse. Upon completion, Greg introduces the players to the task of filing, explaining that if they gets something wrong the filing cabinet will explode. After work break, Greg apologizes for the filing and hands out three more bombs to be defused. Once that is done, another co-worker - Meegan - gives the players one last bomb, which has slightly more complicated instructions to follow.

Day 3 - Wednesday

At the start of the day, Greg reveals that he hates Wednesdays. He then gives the players some bombs to defuse, before giving them another one, which was written by children. After work break, another co-worker - Gavin - gives the players three bombs to defuse while Greg isn't available (the reason varies each time you play). Just before the day ends, Greg asks the player to do some last minute filing.

Day 4 - Thursday

Thursday is a straight forward day where the players are given bomb after bomb after bomb. Greg explains that it's because they are behind for the week and the bombs kept stacking up. Once all of the bombs are defused, Greg congratulates the player for defusing 6 bombs at once and that Trevor's name will be removed from the 'Most Bombs Defused' plaque.

Day 5 - Friday

Just as the day starts, Greg wishes the players a 'Happy Casual Friday,' and appears wearing jeans and a Hawaiian shirt. Unfortunately, he locked himself out of the office and introduces the player to the task of security keypads, explaining also that it is rigged to explode if the wrong code is inputted. Once inside the office, Greg gives the players two bombs to defuse before their break. After work break, they are given three more bombs and then another set of two bombs which are locked behind a security key-pad.

Day 6 - Monday Again

Monday starts with Greg giving the task of doing some filing. After completion, Gavin introduces everyone to the new bomb-sniffing dog - Kent. Greg reveals to the players that he isn't sure what the dog is for as they already know that there are bombs in the office. He then gives the players some bombs to defuse; upon completion, Kent realizes that he can talk. After work break, Greg gives the players three more bombs to defuse. He then reveals that he accidentally locked another bomb behind a keypad again, worried that he might lose his job to Kent and that he'll be sent back to the 'edible arrangements division.'

Day 7 - Meegan's Birthday

Whispering to the players (although he has no idea why), Greg reveals that it is Meegan's birthday before giving the player a bomb to defuse. Greg thanks the player afterwards, saying it would have been bad if everyone died of Meegan's birthday - like how Trevor died on his. After some more bomb defusing, Greg announced that he is going to make some fancy coffee for everyone, a task that he then hands over to the players and revealing that if done incorrectly, the coffee maker will explode. After work break, Greg - now hopped up on coffee - asks the player to help him defuse 5 bombs at once. Once the day is over, Meegan talks to player because it is her birthday.

Day 8 - Humpday

Wednesday begins with Greg lamenting that it's Wednesday again, as well as pointing out that it is still Wednesday even if you call it 'humpday.' After giving the players a bomb to defuse, he asks the players to make him some coffee to help cheer him up. After work break, Greg - still complaining about Wednesday - gives the players four bombs to defuse. During this, Greg receives an e-mail saying that he is being demoted and that this will be his last week as the players' boss. He then asks the player to do some filing while he 'crawls under my desk and cry.' At the end of the day, he proceeds to blame the player for not saving him from "this Wednesday."

Day 9 - Half-Day

Thursday is revealed to be 'half-day' to the players, probably in remembrance of Trevor. Greg then proceeds to give the players two bombs to defuse, followed by another two bombs. After work break, Greg gives the players the task of filing before leaving. However, after completing the filing, Lindah appears and says that she doesn't believe in 'half-days' and forces the players to defuse more bombs. Eventually, she gives in and declares the day over.

Day 10 - Greg's Last Day

Friday begins with Greg in a bad mood, as it is his last day as boss. He gives the players two bombs to defuse, then reveals afterwards that he is being demoted to the 'edible arrangements division.' He then tasks the players with fixing the copier, explaining that they need to be careful or it will explode. After work break, the players are given more bombs to defuse before the day ends.

Day 11 - Monday Again

At the start of Monday, the players are introduced to their new boss: a robot that used to defuse bombs. It then gives them some bombs to defuse, before comparing to the their work to how a robot would. After some more bomb defusing, the players are meant to have a coffee break but are instead tasked with unlocking some keypads instead. The robot then tasks the player with filing before the day is over.

Day 12 - Stick Day

Tuesday begins with the robot NOT wishing the players a good morning, as everyone else is absent with cold and/or sick. As the players are the only ones present (aside from Kent the dog), the robot tasks them with defusing some bombs. While the players defuse some more bombs locked behind a keypad, the robot hires some temps for the day. Finding the temps strange, the robot asks the players to prepare some coffee to cheer them up. After work break, the robot reveals that the new temps locked a bomb behind three keypads. Once defused, the day is over.

Day 13 - Snurbsday

Wednesday starts out normal, even with the robot revealing that he is compelled to dislike Wednesdays for some reason. However, once the players succeeds in defusing their set bombs, Meegan reveals that she is actually an alien and transforms, shocking everyone. The robot, however, is more shocked by the condition of the copier. Once repaired, the robot reveals that on Meegan's planet they call Wednesday Snurbsday, then gives the players three bombs to defuse. After work break, the robot reveals four more bombs to be defused and blames it on 'Snurbsday.' Just before the day concludes, Meegan reveals that she is also pregnant and the baby is due in two days

Day 14 - Retirement Day

Thursday is revealed to be Old Man's retirement day. The day proceeds as usual with bomb defusing, copier repairing and coffee making. However, after making coffee, Old Man has a heart attack and dies suddenly. The robot, unfamiliar with the feeling of sadness, hands the players four bombs to defuse. At the end of the day, the robot reveals that he found out Old Man's name and that it was Trevor... before wondering if robots are allowed to drink.

Day 15 - Birth Day

The final day is the day Meegan is having her alien baby. Throughout the day, the players will perform alien versions of standard tasks. Meegan first asks for help deciding on a name by filing through baby names. Afterwards, Meegan believes she is going into labor and asks the players to massage her tentacles out of the way (alien way of doing bomb defusal). Meegan, in a lot of pain, will then ask for medication (alien way of making coffee).

Once complete, the robot arrives and says that Meegan's baby is a threat to humans and - "more importantly" - robots. Greg then comes back and tells the players to use the keypad to disable the robot before it explodes. Finally, Meegan starts going into labor. Using the book (alien way of fixing the copier), the players guide Meegan through her labor. Once done, the baby is born and she names it Trevor. Greg also points out that he is the boss again since the robot is deactivated. Finally, Old Man comes back to life for no real reason and then everyone celebrates. As the credits roll, the photos of Meegan's baby appear as it is growing up.


  • Jewel of the File – Successfully file paperwork
  • Java Well Done – Successfully make coffee
  • UFOB/GYN – Deliver an alien baby
  • Grinders Keepers – Defuse 10 bombs in The Grind